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My Knowledge

The knowledge I have in all

seems very basic  in any call

be it in writing or any other

accounting for instance  rather

puts me in a fix all through

I break my head in true

burn the midnight oil

my whole day is in spoil

yet I work and work

redo and rework

all too much in the mind

I lose myself in a kind

dazed and diminished I am







A day or Two

A day or two without writing

could be not a relish for me

as I am obsessed with penning

that comes to my mind without fee.


Bogged by the travel and its aftermath

the mind still alert with a curiosity

the body yearns for a rest in the path

have to bow once in a way to its impetuosity.


The tired physic lay down or a day

the bragging mind became impatient

out it has gushed  with a flow in a way

lets not my body  to relax in a deviant.


The mind always wins over my aching body

never it has been vindicated  in a sense

the grumbles and the murmurs of the body

could not diffuse the thoughts that crowd in a dense.





Writing For A While.

Writing for a while

with no special style

compiling them in a file

going through them a little after

kindles an emotion softer

that be the way I read my work

none in a manner to get hooked

a simple write of mine at the most

refreshes my thoughts utmost

a novel way to look back

think over the past in track.once upon a time






My Writing

My writing has gone dry

I seem to be in a spell  dry

being the joke in a way

I write much in a day

when my heart cries  out

emotions do the magic throughout

when I am placid in a sense

my thinking is not dense

my thoughts become dry

I have nothing to buy.




Writing Has a Reference

The writing has a value great

be it a fiction or poetry whatever it be

anything put in words on paper

commands a respect and means truth.

Speak one can anything under the sun

talking high of that and this

looking nowhere else around

praising and bemoaning at the same time.

The basis of the eloquence be of strength

lively it goes with the oration

sprinkled with anecdotes real and false

heightened by way of fiery talk.

There be a clear distinction in writing

as it holds a meritorious significance

nothing could be set in black and white

without the fundamentals being right.

Words spoken flies in the air

words written hold waters forever

that be the reason all the while

taking writing as a sober reference.

writing has reference

All In Time


life timeReading a lot is a pastime.
Writing a lot is full-time
Listening a lot is part-time.
Watching a lot all time
that be my alibi throughout my lifetime
being an enhancement all the times
giving an exaltation most times
raising my spirit to the sublime every time.
Well, that is how I have been living all the times