A day or Two

A day or two without writing

could be not a relish for me

as I am obsessed with penning

that comes to my mind without fee.


Bogged by the travel and its aftermath

the mind still alert with a curiosity

the body yearns for a rest in the path

have to bow once in a way to its impetuosity.


The tired physic lay down or a day

the bragging mind became impatient

out it has gushed  with a flow in a way

lets not my body  to relax in a deviant.


The mind always wins over my aching body

never it has been vindicated  in a sense

the grumbles and the murmurs of the body

could not diffuse the thoughts that crowd in a dense.





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One, Two And Three

It was an afternoon
with a sleep all too soon
sat on to work with accounts
went mostly wrong in all counts.

One, two, three I counted diligently
skipped the four inadvertently
added up the credit and debit together
could not tally both altogether.

To fight sleep with a power
I quickly had a shower
came I fresh on to my work again
settled into the pattern of gain.

Did I say gain? that be in a hurry
it was profit and loss both wary.
I fumbled and struggled totally
Accounts are never my ally.

Abandoning the accounts I slept
sound as ever in great depth
came the numbers one, two and three
enough toscr-small-business-accounting-software nag me in a spree.



Liars go with an easy flow
telling lies in the go
not one or two
uttering many a lie high and low
wrapping the details slow
elaborating them quickly liarwith a know
that be their skill in the row
hitting all with a blow.


Living Thus

The household being small

being only two of us in all

that has grown to such size now in a way

after the children  have moved away

there being  calm and composure all throughout

with nothing of a noise both in and out

the guests coming and going in a flow

ever being a floating crowd in the go

entertaining them now and then with  refreshments

that has been our alibi for  years without amendments

being so greatly all the time  altogether

the sudden influx of occupants   rather

mystifies both of us to the core

keeping us baffled all the more

getting adjusted  to the new trend

forces us to lose ourselves in a bend

without showing it out in  full strength

manage the whole affair  in a breadth

that much more not revealed to anyone

kept within our hearts all in one.





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Actions Poem

One A Penny,Two A Penny.

imagesOne a penny two a penny
hot cross bun
goes the rhyme
when pennies were of worth.
now they are pennies
with a puny limit.
Escalation in prices
has reached the sky.
Gold and silver prices
rock up and down
with the fall too little
while the rise is too high.
The land value is exciting
prompting the landed to sell
and become landless.
With the cost becoming dear
travels to places near
provides pleasures nominal.
Where are we moving in the sojourn ?
In prices trying to reach the sky.
In existence going deep down
singing the rhyme
one a penny two a penny
hot cross bun.