A Strive — Change I Did Not Expect.

To be far away from home

for part of the year

to be at my home

for part of the year

a sojourn I meticulously keep

never partial or show favouritism

to my home of love in any way

else to another being the place of earning

I go about with a call in mind

that  I have to slog for my bread

I could afford to  come back for a month or two

nestle lovingly in my  home  of years

with all the fanfare alive  and active

my staff around carrying out the errands

alas!could  last only for few months

back I am in the place  of occupation

my back is strained to the most

as I do all the chores from A to Z

well, this has been my lifestyle

now for a decade or so in the run

as age catches up one has to relax

being the other way round I strive

as I advance in years I struggle

cannot blame anyone  for the  change

what has to happen will happen

I take the cue from Bhagavad Gita.





Actions Poem

One A Penny,Two A Penny.

imagesOne a penny two a penny
hot cross bun
goes the rhyme
when pennies were of worth.
now they are pennies
with a puny limit.
Escalation in prices
has reached the sky.
Gold and silver prices
rock up and down
with the fall too little
while the rise is too high.
The land value is exciting
prompting the landed to sell
and become landless.
With the cost becoming dear
travels to places near
provides pleasures nominal.
Where are we moving in the sojourn ?
In prices trying to reach the sky.
In existence going deep down
singing the rhyme
one a penny two a penny
hot cross bun.

break Love Son thoughts

Love Changes All

It is a   very long  travel all the more,

Very far from home,

Too much different from home,

Bound by love and affection all the more.


Living  under the same roof,  all the way

Is nevertheless a strife  all through the day,

Looking  at each other all the time

Is an awesome bother most of the time.


It has been the way of life shortly,

Flying tempers  break the monotony,

Shaking the basics  of harmony,

Finally seeking shelter in shelves solitary.


It was drive  clouded with hesitation,

It was a  long  flight across to the destination,

The tired mind encountered a warm reception,

Endowing a resourceful inspiration

It was  pure affection and love,

Emanating from  a son beloved,

Brought up as a  precious jewel  all above 

Stands exposed to the vagaries of time in the strove 


Nudging close to me he learnt alphabets,

Lying on my lap he counted numbers  to a test

Numeric got their value in their  best,

Letters put together rocked  in their  crest.


He grew  in my shadow,

Letters pushed the numbers below,

Writing overtook counting in the flow

Creating a “Man Of Letters” in a full glow.


His writing took its wings,

Away he flew from me 

To places far beyond the shores in swings

Bringing laurels to him and pride to me all the more.


Rising up in stature  he remains fair,

His nest got enlarged  in  the  fare,   

A dedicated wife to take care ,

A  quick-witted daughter to  share.


Enjoyed every moment   of my sojourn,

An unknown place became known,

A biting cold took a bearable tone ,

Well! Love  gets enthroned  in an exclusive zone.