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The Shadows And Reflections


The shadows and reflections

cause a refraction

that be not of science

could of be signs.

The pensive face with brows knitted

tell us of worries indebted

the expressions show at length

the experience in its strength.

The happy countenance with eyes in a sparkle

enlighten us of the fancies in a twinkle

the demeanour reflects at a stretch

the  delight is elicited in a sketch.

The melancholic interruptions with  downcast eyes

gives out the heaviness of the heart in tries

the desperation testifies in the course

the distinct evolution with a force.

The shadows of us big or 6944114106_e433dffe26_bsmall

never turn  against them as mere shadows

they reflect our posture through the window

fear mystery. Poetry

The Glare In A Shadow.

The hot afternoon

the sun makes one swoon

a glare through the window

enters suddenly like a shadow

the gleam is so bright

the shadow grows to a height

it expands vertically

not anyway horizontally

hops  into the area  lightly

walks through unobtrusively

followed its move scrupulously

could never keep track regularly

it crossed and  turned  now and then

tiptoed  up and down shadow human

all in an abrupt silence

fear kept me in abeyance

I stood there for long

know not how long

with eyes wide open in a faze

I was locked in an unexplainable daze


Fighting With A shadow.

Fighting with a shadow

a practise much in the go

a confrontation in the show

when there is absolutely no foe

seems to confer a strike in blow

which falls on the opponent rather  slow

if there at all be  one ever so

the illusion  sits firmly not with a know

as most engage in such feats in a row

apparently the execution is but a hoax.



The Shadow

The shadow of you
comes always with you
be it in the front some times
be in the back at times.

Going by it you feel a fear
that some one is following behind
somebody closely watching you
being one of great apprehension.

Down the spine goes the shock
a drag of the happenings not right
an impression that everything is not well
sitting tightly on the mind.

The evil that one commits is like a shadow.
The devilish actions get reflected in the shadow.
The designs and trends gleam in the shadow
lending an uneasy feel proposed by the shadow.shadow


All Around

The years have gone by
with the tears flowing down
nothing is moving up
there being a stagnancy all around.

The days going in the right
with the acts turning left
nothing is progressing straight
there being a halt all around.

The hours are going west
with the sun rising east
nothing is promising north or south
there being a stop all around. 

The rays are falling vertical
with the shadow showing horizontal
nothing there could be broad or narrow
there being  no move all around.

As there be a stoppage in the light
with the natural darkness in the night
nothing there could be in the  life
there being no proportion seen all around.  shadow


The Shadow And The Lark.

I saw a shadow
which was a little hollow
looked very massive
pointing to the infinitive.

The shadow was dark.
found in a park
with a beautiful lark
perched on its bark.

The lark called out
Its companion came out
with a loud shout
reverberating all throughout.

The wind came across
the shadow moved in a floss
dancing along the dark gloss
outsmarting all laws.

The lark flew away
with a fear on the way
holding its companion in a play
speeding through the bay.

The shadow grew in size
becoming bigger in a few tries.
Outgrowing beyond highs
it signalled a heavy sigh.

The lark made good the escape.
Very soon it reached the Cape.
The shadow turning out of shape
collapsed as though in a rape.


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Love Changes All

It is a   very long  travel all the more,

Very far from home,

Too much different from home,

Bound by love and affection all the more.


Living  under the same roof,  all the way

Is nevertheless a strife  all through the day,

Looking  at each other all the time

Is an awesome bother most of the time.


It has been the way of life shortly,

Flying tempers  break the monotony,

Shaking the basics  of harmony,

Finally seeking shelter in shelves solitary.


It was drive  clouded with hesitation,

It was a  long  flight across to the destination,

The tired mind encountered a warm reception,

Endowing a resourceful inspiration

It was  pure affection and love,

Emanating from  a son beloved,

Brought up as a  precious jewel  all above 

Stands exposed to the vagaries of time in the strove 


Nudging close to me he learnt alphabets,

Lying on my lap he counted numbers  to a test

Numeric got their value in their  best,

Letters put together rocked  in their  crest.


He grew  in my shadow,

Letters pushed the numbers below,

Writing overtook counting in the flow

Creating a “Man Of Letters” in a full glow.


His writing took its wings,

Away he flew from me 

To places far beyond the shores in swings

Bringing laurels to him and pride to me all the more.


Rising up in stature  he remains fair,

His nest got enlarged  in  the  fare,   

A dedicated wife to take care ,

A  quick-witted daughter to  share.


Enjoyed every moment   of my sojourn,

An unknown place became known,

A biting cold took a bearable tone ,

Well! Love  gets enthroned  in an exclusive zone.


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The Shadow

I fear none but a shadow,

It may sound a bit shallow,

But it is a true halo.


The small image that follows,

Equips a trendy follow,

Creating  a  remnant shallow.



The moving shadow runs over,

Implying a frenzied hover,

Impressing a terrible devour.



The mystical virtuoso calls for,

A sullied  crossover,

Defying a fear whatsoever.




 There erupts a stifling  languish ,

Casting a scare feverish,

Resulting in a grade impoverish.




There emanates a resurgence,

Calling for an emergence,

Specifically arriving on a turbulence.




The shadow slowly fades ,

Clearing the misty shades,

As they rest on cluster of  blades.