A Man And His Wife.

A man and his wife

came home the day

could that be any day

yesterday, day before

even days before

am not specific

better to be a related  say

as I feel  always the day

does not count that much

it is the talk as such

would  be of concern

a telephonic exchange  in turn

would not reveal the expression

the face to face interaction

would give out the thought

well, this  is how I was taught

I tend to stray away from the main

would be of course of no gain

this man and wife in topic  now

have something i their mind below

curious  in a way to know

being a part of them in all

mostly  an intention to gather wool

want they to pass it on to their coterie

they feign with their acts of dignity

their eyes revolved  in a wander

their tongue spoke words of no wonder

finally their pretense got exposed

well, that is how the world is

consider them to be the least

get ahead with your feast.








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A Perfect Match

A man known to me
feels so secure
thinks he is immortal
lives in a world
of his own not very great
but very cheap and stinking
assumes he is the richest
presumes he is the cleverest
whereas he knows not to speak
coherently leave alone with sanity
his voice goes up and down
between various frequencies
with a little or no literacy
he circumvents and circumspects
being that all idiocy
abridged in his scarecrow form
that be his physical appearance
he is a menace and a parasite
gnawing and eating over
goes on unbridled
and lives like a miser
with his lovely wife
who is equal to him
in all respects and aspects
a perfect match perhaps God’s will
might had been so some forty-five years ago
they live together happily in a house
that belongs to too many
but they have usurped the place
giving no space to others
a wretched pair they are.
May their tribe increase!
May they flourish!
May they prosper!perfect match
till tides turn across.


The Boy And The Man

The boy of long years

full of life and cheer

once very aggressive and bashful

has become now a man wonderful

solemn and gentle in tone

not because of his choice alone

turned so to adjust to his wife

who keeps him in strife

 behaves with a lot of indifference

pays scant or no reverencshrewe

belies herself in her attempts

treats all with a possible contempt

speaks loud and rude

her movements are crude

know the reason now for his change

a man I sympathise from a range


Did I Not?

Did I not tell you?
said the mother to her son
Did I not warn you?
said the mother to her daughter.
Did I not bear with you?
said the tired wife to her husband.
How many did I not?
I hear all around
I throw my towels
that be the last
Did I not?


Not The Hoary Past.

The Dharma I know

not he the brother of Arjuna

of the epic Mahabaratha

a man of unreasonable pride

takes us on a joy ride

speaks of his wealth and pedigree

though they vary in degree

goes on a pilgrimage often

wife also in the run

his children left alone in a way

gone wayward in a day

the eldest lives in the world of drugs

makes the others to shrug

the second girl has gone astray

now become sober they say

the youngest is a son

is almost half done

a mixture of both the siblings

beats his wife into the ring

the mother joins him in the fare

the wife unable to bear

walks away from home in disgust

Dharma now is under arrest

that be the end of the story

sounds it not a little hoary

yet it is most recent

from people not decentwife beats husband


The Squabble

squabbleThere being no answer
the ring going on for long
creates a disturbance with fear
the mind could not rest
the heart jumps out
a slight suspicion runs through
that there being a squabble
the husband who is perfect
the wife being over enthusiastic
their egos clash periodically
quarrels rise up now and then
with the man repeating the accusations
the wife repenting and crying
this being the routine so far
the call not answered
sends a chill down the spine
hope my surmise goes wrong.


The Man And Wife

There be a fight between man and wife

 it had been all through in their life

 the man being in an enviable position

 the woman too behind him in all decision

 never had they spent one night peaceful

quarrelling and making life doleful

with  both of them having  lot of brains

but every time there was a strain

 so they lived for years together

 with  no understanding rather

 One day the shout rose high  

 the wife wrote a letter   and cried

 she went to sleep in her hotel room

 the night predicted a doom

 as the man slipped from the highest floor

fell down dead  before the door

 there came an end to their fight

 while the woman cried the whole night 


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The Culprit And The Upstart.

Over enthusiastic he be

not in his  assigned job

but in others he be

getting excited  with a throb

he along with his wife wants to be

always in the limelight  and forefront

forgetting his status almost at all

thinking superior of himself at all front

while his wife holds her head high and

intruding in every other’s work with a stunt

wanting to get importance at any cost

irrespective of who is around at that time

let that be his chief and  anyone at last

who holds a position atop of all chime

being top in the administration of the temple

the Upstart-Crow-horiz-720x320protagonist  creeps in with his wife

calling another upstart to his help

who dashes in finding a gap in the strife

both  nay the three of them go about in an ape

performing  the rituals with glee

while the rightful person and his better half

stand aghast seeing the trio in the spree

containing themselves with terms tough

fearing their outburst would harm

how long could they be so  unassuming

the wife of the chief came out  with anger in full  form

thrashing the trio in public with words firm and   piercing

while the wife of the culprit   hearing the scorn

sat down with bowed head in the midst.

Would it teach a lesson? I wonder

as the trio are known for their inferior tactics

they would surely go in for another one asunder

well, the next time they do the same practice

the lady would have to act fiercely

having to  sack the duo from the scene

and bring the upstart to ignominy.


Man Unfaithful – Haiku.

In his anger
beats his newly wed wife
left and right.

In his joy
kisses his beautiful loving paramourdownload (6)
an unfaithful man.


Bossing Over.

The bossing over
comes naturally to some whereas
some feign an imperious outlay
especially in a close circuit
say something around
more so with their wives
feeling she is
wee small in anything
be it in exposure
and experience
be so in learning
and wisdom.
The wife silently
bears the yoke
with a quiet smile
a repository of
knowledge and
skill bestowed
as an endowment
to glorify and
commemorate. competitive wife.