A Pack And A sack

A pack and a sack

all on the shoulder’s back

she climbed up the hill  high

looking around  with a shy

reached the top  in a minute

marched ahead with a salute

planted the flag on the soil

while the sun was at the boil

kissed the land with love

made a gentle  bow

walked down  with   satisfaction

with the pack and sack

all on the shoulder’s back.









Head Over Heels.

It is a few days back
I opened up a sack
saw something black
kept it on the rack
forgot  about it in a slack.

Got to remember it by chance
saw it in a glance
d*mn, lost the balance
the feet gave out in a dance
fell head over heels in a trance


The Culprit And The Upstart.

Over enthusiastic he be

not in his  assigned job

but in others he be

getting excited  with a throb

he along with his wife wants to be

always in the limelight  and forefront

forgetting his status almost at all

thinking superior of himself at all front

while his wife holds her head high and

intruding in every other’s work with a stunt

wanting to get importance at any cost

irrespective of who is around at that time

let that be his chief and  anyone at last

who holds a position atop of all chime

being top in the administration of the temple

the Upstart-Crow-horiz-720x320protagonist  creeps in with his wife

calling another upstart to his help

who dashes in finding a gap in the strife

both  nay the three of them go about in an ape

performing  the rituals with glee

while the rightful person and his better half

stand aghast seeing the trio in the spree

containing themselves with terms tough

fearing their outburst would harm

how long could they be so  unassuming

the wife of the chief came out  with anger in full  form

thrashing the trio in public with words firm and   piercing

while the wife of the culprit   hearing the scorn

sat down with bowed head in the midst.

Would it teach a lesson? I wonder

as the trio are known for their inferior tactics

they would surely go in for another one asunder

well, the next time they do the same practice

the lady would have to act fiercely

having to  sack the duo from the scene

and bring the upstart to ignominy.