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The Days In An Aplomb


The days go in a jump  with an aplomb

a month has gone  in no time

eleven more months to go  in the from

what is the speed ? say it in a chime

I deliberate as of now and as always

could be more in a way

could be less on days

I assess with no perfection

yet the days roll so fastjan 31

the present becomes past

a lively progress of life

one to another seamlessly

nice to participate joyfully

as a run and a skip

could give the best quip.




The Days In Place.

daysIt is a different day

that too of all the days

could be today

might be yesterday

a day before yesterday

a day after  of all days

as I feel all days

assign to varied ways

they pass with a grace

each one has no trace

they seem to phase

come and strike the face

well, that is how it is in a chase

forces everyone to race

keeps them mostly in a daze

while the nights are in  a haze

the sun rises with its bright rays

more or less it happens in all places.

Days Are Alive.

Days are nice

when they are warm

comfortable. and calm.

Days are nice

when they are cold

sleepy in a fold.

Days are nice

when they are sultry

humid and dreary.

Days are nice

when they are windy

airy and breezy.

Days are nice

when they are rainy

wet and  marshy.

Days are nice

when they are still

sullen and sombre

it is very nice

days are always

alive  in a way.days are alive

The Days In A Month

The significance of the day
takes me away
every day has an importance
with many attributes intense
One day they say is ashtami
not for actions in glee
another is navami
not bad in the see
so many mi’s come
sapthami, thasami a welcome
the full moon day is auspicious
so is the new moon day in spacious
so go the days through the month
give us an information in strength.maha_ashtami_

The Good Old Days.

it is been long ago

at a time when I was little

when people did not talk about ego

strong they were not brittle

Self-contained they were

ambitious to  a degree normal

took very great care

remained friendly and formal

could find no vanity

not even a slight trace

held them in a way dainty

gossiped they with no chase

spoke not ill of others

genial and  cordial to all

moved like own brothers

responded to each other’s call

they were angels in human form

always gentle and calm good old days

The Days Go By

The days go by

while I stay

in a land far away

I go by their way

first with a nay

then with a say

Well! it is a stray

from my normal  play.

Yet, I adhere to it in a gay

that be the spirit  of my day

Oh! it is my earnest  pray

wish to stay so always.

days go by