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The Little Girl Learns Dance.

My little girl  lives far away from me

she is  so sweet and graceful in  her moves

learns dance with such a tremendous  glee Meenakshi Arun

primarily her  steps being a  standing  proof

“thai, thakka, thai thakka”

she says with a rhythm

her foot goes along with the” jathi”

sings she the divine hymns melodiously

expresses the theme with a “sruthi”

her eyes express the “bhavas” so beautifully

I stood enticed by her graceful movements

watching her from a  reliable distance

cautious of not being found by her at any moment

as I heard from my son not with a defiance

she being a six year old  so tender and sweet

wishes not  to dance before me for reasons best known

keeping her in my lap  I coaxed her with a greet

carefully  asked her why she did not want to dance?

said she politely all the more  and all very pleasant

granny, you mastered dance long  long ago

I wish to  perfect myself and would dance decent

saying so she quit the place  not as any other time

just a march  or a straight walk as usual

glided nimbly with “thaia thakka”  “thakkitta ”

proposing a captivating dance all so casual





The Dance I Know Not.

The rap and the dance

the drums and the chance

rant the sky with a trance

glued to the pageant I watch

they throw and catch

I sit  amidst the din

the sound emanates from a tin

rock and rock they go

down and down they bow

what is it all about?

dance I am an odd man out.

noise once again rises high

exasperated, I sigh

this way it goes for long

I could hear no song

only sounds in an yell

Luckily I could hear the bell

Gosh ! the program comes  to an end

I make my way out negotiating a bend

On Any Subject.

It is easy to write

what comes to the mind

could be a crow white

though  the black is the usual find

could be a peacock

with feathers all over

the cry of the crow  locks

the ears with an awkward power

the dance of the peacocks

beautiful and gorgeous

entices  all awesome_peacock_danceand knocks

both the husky cry

and the dance entices

though in a different way

one  happens when the sun rises

the other in the early morning

features that  are common  anyway

one is a wake-up call with a crowing

another an entertainment  with a dancing

a write could be possible altogether

be that of any topic rather.

Modern By Chance.

The dance I see

keeps me at sea

it is a diffidence

a  complete deviance

where traditions

have no introductions

rhythm breaks with hiccups

expression not in up

it is a dance yet

I go for a bet

it is a jump

exactly a bump

a spring above

a fall down

that is a dance

most modern  by chance

makes me fall into a trance.

not  in the right sense

as it seems to miss the cadence modern dance

Not A Mere Tree.

The tree over there 

rustles in the wind

with its branches moving

and the leaves making a noise

that is so minute  and soft

not heard by many

but those who lend their ears

get an inordinate delight

as if some music is on

accompanied by the cadence of wind

punctuated by the movement of the branches

added up by the cackling of birds

backed up by the humming of isects

all beckoning you to a fete ‘

that goes unheard all the most

as we be preoccupied in our nest

held up by the daily chores

glued to the idiot box

addicted to the computer

missing the ecstasy  there

that is being convened yonder

not very far from our precincts

where we pay nothing at all

but gain a lot   with no interrogationZimmermanImage

appeasing the mind and body.