The Results on Board.

The results cause anxiety
the medical one triggers pain and relief
the academic result brings a win or a fail
the others come under many categories
all in financial and business
that claim an asset rich or a liability striven
the election which comes periodically
seals the nation’s destiny for a duration
that of sports raises a pressure at moments results
where the fans lose their lives while hearing
all these diagnosis stay for a short period
mostly forgotten as the times pass with the days.


Sunday Is Longer Than Monday

Sunday is longer than Monday.
my friends used to tease me
when my inner skirt stood longer
than the outer in a little manner.
Now, retrospective the days that have gone
with skirts and blouses proudly worn
comparing with each other the dress
pointing out that this pattern is superior
with the smocked blouse looking grand
making each other feel superb and inferior
that way of act brought tears
prompting each other to call
proud peacock Sunday and galloping horse
indicating the magnitude of pride
and the speed in which the words came.
Those were the days that still remain fresh
that can never be forgotten even after decades.

Actions Beauty Duty Poem

Dance And After.

The peacock went up the hill in search of prey.
The peahen was preparing a broth in a pot of clay.
The peacock came dancing through the gateway.
Swinging this side and that side as if in a sway.

The peahen looked at the dance.
Excited it fell into a trance.
Waking up cast a glance.
Lo! the broth was burnt beyond chance.

peacock dance