Coalition-hands-photo-by-Eduardo-Hoepelman-2.jpgThe joining of forces

the get together of courses

the togetherness in a choice

includes manipulations and ploys .


The coalition as it is better known

could come into being  in a tone

comprising of a particular zone

or be that of the entire horizon.


The political unity as seen during times

when election becomes the prime

unilateral combination of parties for dimes

as monetary rises above all other chimes.


The business coalition as found in the annals

could be for the principles in the formal

the beneath part elicits a joint of not normal

exposes a set up for the financial carnival.


Coalition  being the one of deep insight

where issues crowd not one but in eights

a discreet feign of  the differences in an oversight

could keep the parties in a fasten tight.


The word itself derelicts an understanding

being the one of prudence  in oscillating

could or not cause a hurt  inflicting

the purpose if not served would be defeating.












A Day Of Travel.

It is been a day of travel

road and air in all

hours together nonstop

a climb and a get down on top

an embark and a  disembark

all in a day’s arc

a trial happens all through

once in a month being a due

cannot avoid being a place of business

well, it has become a routine in a sense

need I to undertake to keep my pot boil

have to put an extra  efforts of toil

that being the turn of events in the years recent

I ply  up and down to live in a way decent.


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The Results on Board.

The results cause anxiety
the medical one triggers pain and relief
the academic result brings a win or a fail
the others come under many categories
all in financial and business
that claim an asset rich or a liability striven
the election which comes periodically
seals the nation’s destiny for a duration
that of sports raises a pressure at moments results
where the fans lose their lives while hearing
all these diagnosis stay for a short period
mostly forgotten as the times pass with the days.


Attention Crisis

When you pay much attention

there would be no improvement

when you least show interest

there comes a new impetus

that notturn-from-god be in the field of writing alone

found in areas of business too

so much more in relations far more

as they start turning to you

once you turn away from them.


Business Is Business

Leads and business online  are going very high
with projects and networks all  calling for atie
nas money gets into the fly
then every other thing becomes a sly
art, writing and crafting are beauty
they should not make you greedy
do whatever you want with a love
manipulations need not get in the follow
make a decent  profit in the process
with a concern of not making loses
the time you spend in scouting the skill
the risk you undertake in arranging it till
getting delivered and satisfying the buyer to the fullest
have to be considered with delineation profit at the greatest
well that is how business goes with a deal
transactions get done in a loving feel
the money you charge is not for anything
but the risk you undergo in getting the thing
business should turn out a business
if turns into a charity it would not flourish
with that in mind get going making a livelihood
also inducting a service by helping  for go


Magic Elsewhere

Magic is exciting

with a show and skill

keeping us glued

making us thrilled

while we watch gaping

all through the show tantalised.


Now magic spills all over

round every corner

with the governance

including the business

transforming the failures

greatly into success  obvious.


Magic lies in the swiftness

where the speed blindfolds

but how do other  scripts

get into this delectable fold

with a strike and force.


Keep wondering about

when media tells  in a flout

that giant conglomerates

turn overnight in a bang

with  a magical touch .


Doing some adjustments

enforcing the  amendments

paving way for  rise in  revenue

with a hype says the new  executive

All done in a month, leaving one awe-struck magic


Making Hay.

The business of others
is theirs and theirs alone.
Poking into others affairs
is an unwelcome trend
but of late getting gleam
Talking about others
adding fringes
in the manner of lies
curtailing truth
by removing the bytes
making the story’
attractive and credible
has become the
business of most.
Let such tribes
flourish and go ahead
as they are the ones
who make hay while
the sun shines.
Make hay.

Actions business Poem

Professional Transfer.

ImmigrationI had a funny interaction
with an official of immigration.
Business is my profession
and entered so without any digression.I
Going through my details the official
saw through me and scrutinised my facial
seeing none of the professional make ups
asked me a question that made me look up.
Why did you enter business as your occupation?
Why not you fill it as a house wife by vocation?
I chuckled to myself and did not bother to answer
as the official has no say over my professional transfer.

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Grades Get Across

gradesGrades get across in learning
weighed by money and kind.
raising the rank high
facilitating a seat in courses
otherwise needing a skill
demanding a comprehension
working on a sensibility
to pursue the coveted programs.

Grades get across in business
cared by bribe and manipulation
promoting the transactions over and above
enabling an amazing growth
otherwise needing an acumen
requiring strong principles
practising on ethics
to get ahead of the potential deals.

Grades stumble and fall in politics
governed by deceit and greed
introducing a tall claim
enabling an unbelievable progress
otherwise needing a credibility
necessitating an integrity
inviting a trust
to acquire a ministerial berth.

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The colour of Jealousy

jealousychildJealousy is an illness no doubt.
It is a mental addiction in a clout.
The mildest form reveals itself in a pout.
Shrugging the shoulders is a wee ahead of a bout.
The raised eyebrows twine up into a knotty flout
expressing a displeasure in a manner stout.

Jealousy springs up for no cause whatsoever.
It is an inspiration wrong however.
The feeling of envy is widespread all over.
The trace of it is found in kids little so ever.
Thick and dense it accumulates in the mind of grown ups in an over.
Love,business and politics effectively tumble over.

Races are destroyed by this lowly quality.
Nations war with each other in a note faulty.
Bloodshed and killing are found in enormity.
Peace walks out in distress from the locality.
Kindness and affection share a miss out due to this impetuosity.
All things negative build up because of this triviality.

A slight difference brings into force this yellowish attrition.
A marginal high up forces in a jarring distraction.
Envy tells history rattled many an empire to descend into the oblivion.
It has led to dethronement in successive attacks all to a dissolution.
Could this evil thought be plucked from the mind in total resolution.
Life would undergo an enhancement and bloom into an evergreen depiction.