Could be Not Said of Him

Could be not  said of him

a good man once

now a deceit.


Could be not said of him

a man just once

now a sinner.


Could be not said of him

a man pleasant once

now a rude .


Could be not said of him

a man he had been once

now not one.




Serpentine Meandering

imagesF4ZGTMZHHe acts so well  before all

with a design in mind

not very straight after all

very deceitful on the find

says one thing upfront

differs at the back

well this has been his stunt

from the day I remember in track

many get carried away by his charm

losing  themselves in his serpentine  meandering

he with  his dramatic skill  reaps a lot in form

gaining wealth   with ease in the going

that is the shortcut he devices with great prowess



Raucous And Atrocious.

A  lively debate goes  around

where the rivalry gets in the nerve

with the  spiteful indulgence

there goes a talk pregnant with deceit

where the animosity runs riot

bringing in a rift and fissure

that requires least attention

as these are issues nothing private

but covering the debatesocial political  norms

where there is no place for indignation

and no status for  discrimination

but the indulgence is carried with gusto

by a person least qualified and most irreverent

as nothing hold his intervention

he goes in an unmindful  attempt

trying to slander the duly designated

by his raucous remarks and clandestine deals

while his associates keep behind him

doing the rest in full tenure.





The Mask Of Deceit.

With the rose in hand
smelling it now and then
she walked right in with a grin
nodding at all around
greeting them with folded hands.

Taken aback by her presence
the gathering got up in reverence
wished her Good Morning
waited for her to enter
and sat back in awe.

She called them one by one
came to know about them
assured them of her cooperation
They went out with a satisfaction
that things would be done
as she had given them assurance.

Days passed nothing was heard .
They became restless and disappointed.
Went to meet her once again
got the same warm reception
and endearing she gave more assurances
but this time there were few believers.

Mostly this is what happens all over.
The ignorant get swayed away by masked deceit.
Time elapses with a gallop and stride
leaving them in the lurch and crunch
If at all people show their true colours
innocent would not be taken for a ride.images (87)


The House Crumbles.

Desperate and different
she turned away
not wanting to see
not liking to hear
not getting on it again
she took fast strides
and almost in a run
disappeared from the place
weeping and sobbing
Leaving her for a while
and allowing her to compose
stared at the wreck
which stood before
The one which was a grand bungalow
has crumbled into ruins
The lack of care and indifference has paid off .
She being a part of its glory
has been away from it for quite some time
Having been denied her rights
and having been deprives of her belongings
as deceit overtook the rightful sharing.
She got over her shock after crying for long
rose up and took my hand
She did not speak but moved away.
Her silence spoke volumes.
her eyes expressed a myriad of emotions
Timages (69)rembling she passed the ruins
turning and looking at them frequently
as each brick brough back to her tales of past.

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Grades Get Across

gradesGrades get across in learning
weighed by money and kind.
raising the rank high
facilitating a seat in courses
otherwise needing a skill
demanding a comprehension
working on a sensibility
to pursue the coveted programs.

Grades get across in business
cared by bribe and manipulation
promoting the transactions over and above
enabling an amazing growth
otherwise needing an acumen
requiring strong principles
practising on ethics
to get ahead of the potential deals.

Grades stumble and fall in politics
governed by deceit and greed
introducing a tall claim
enabling an unbelievable progress
otherwise needing a credibility
necessitating an integrity
inviting a trust
to acquire a ministerial berth.

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Justifiable Anger

anger justifiedIt was an anger.
It was a justifiable anger,
directed on those not meagre
who created a disaster
spoiling the environment to a shudder,
destroying the ambience to a bother
causing enmity in an hour
speaking foul with a fervour
disrespecting all with rigour
breaking rules with a hammer,
ignoring discipline in a trigger
indulging in unlawful acts with a deceit clever.
engaged in stealing with a devour,
involved in cheating with a smart demeanour,
accepting bribes with an amour,
conniving and conspiring with a lilting temper,
spreading unrest with a flavour
carrying on illicit trades almost ever,
letting out a smoke of pernicious danger.

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The Three Dimensions.

Round and round goes the clock.

It is a rotation of its little hands.

Round and round goes the earth.

It is a revolution on its own axis.


Round and round goes the Man.

It is a movement to circulate physically.

Round  and round he craves in.

It is a motion to spread slander.


The clock shows time in precision.

Enacting day and night in decision.

The earth extends to life  a bounty

Enlivening  men and animals  to a dainty.


Man breeds enmity  in a concealed security.

He nurtures vengeance in a confided intimacy.

Killing one another is his  discreet strategy.

Annihilating the existence in totality.




Actions Anger Experience silence thoughts turmoil

My Late Loving Pal.

Palpitations kept his  heart beat in a race,

An unexplainable sorrow stole the grace,

An unbelievable tale set the  deface,

It was a hell to survive the blaze.


Nevertheless  he had to get through it  in a daze

There were additional frothing in the furnace,

Boiling over in an unexpected  ablaze

Yet  he had to put up with it in a phase.


It was all built up in a madness,

It was a texture of serious illness,

It massacred the veracity to a stillness,

Yet  he had to face it with a boldness.


The heart fluttered high and low,

Casting a picture of a shadowy glow,

The performance was deadly slow,

Oh! the extension was halted with a severe blow.


It is a story of a loving pal,

He fell a prey to a rude call,

Oh! it was a terrible fall,

 Lo! he breathed his last in a drawl.





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A Clarion Call

Great be those who mock at others,

Greater be those who humiliate others,

Greatest be those who   provoke others .

Great ,greater and greatest  be not  your call.


Small be those who respect others,

Smaller be those who consider others,

Smallest be those who love others,

Small ,smaller, smallest be your call.


Wealthy be those who make money ,

Wealthier be those who mint money,

Wealthiest be those who print money,

Wealthy , wealthier, wealthiest be  not your call.


Poor be those who  are reliable

Poorer be those who are honorable,

Poorest be those who are  impeccable,

Poor, poorer, poorest be your call.


Distinctions go by your extrinsic status

 Never  by your  intrinsic status,

Following is by your escalated status,

Never by your enhanced status.


Never be cowed down by deceit,

Never be  tamed down by illicit,

Ever  hold  pride as upbeat,

Ever hold  value as discreet.


Thus let your living  go,

Thus let  your practice go,

Thus let your life have a gentle flow,

Thus let you shine with a steady glow.