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The Stars Glow.

The stars glow from heaven

twinkle and twinkle  all night

a subtle stars  glow, way to shine

being so small and  tiny

with a reach all through

never could compete

they with the mighty sun

nor they could surpass the moon

they have their  circumference

being extensive in a way

making one feel always

small is also beautiful.

The Mellowed Glow.

A little while ago
saw my friend after ages
resembling something of an ago
frail,thin worn out in stages

She a beauty in her younger days
a lively elegance in every way
with startling looks and sparkling face
was a cynosure of all eyes those days.

Age cannot wither her say some
but age has tarnished her most
with her appearance turned gruesome
but her traits were the same almost.

Looking at her from far away
does not work out well
but in close up sway
she is the same in all tell

Her external would have lost its sheen
eroded by the passage of time
but her mind and thought are clean
acting and interacting in perfect rhyme.

She spoke so sweetly with grace.
Her old charm very much in force
The measured voice being the base
talking and referring from the bestmellow glow source.

Age has mellowed her to the core
Her beauty also has attained a glow
with the lustre turning into wisdom
she maintains her going in a flow.

In Tip Toe

It is a go
in a row
with a bow
on the toe
going slow
keeping with a flow
looking with a glow
as if in a show
seeking nothing low
going not far below
of course with a blow
nothing to allow
not in a shadow
past the meadow
in the narrow
through the furrow
finally into the burrow
went the rabbit in tip toe.


The World Shuts Down

It is only two days more.

The world would be no more.

So goes the talk all the more.

Sending signals of warning more and more.

Creating a terrible fear to the core.


Nothing is to be expected for sure.

Nothing would happen for sure.

So say all with a belief sure.

Dispelling the gravity with an assure.world is going to end

Assuaging the feelings with a grace ever.


Which almanac says so?

It is the Mayan calendar that tells so.

Would that be so?

Ask everyone with a sigh in a flow.

It is a definite no say the scientists with a glow.


A Baby Sleeps

A little baby is lying in a cradle,

 She is making  noises in a babble,

Her cries are calls a little feeble,

She mostly lets out a giggle.


The baby is like a dainty rose,

Tiny appears her fingers and toes,

Her face enlightens all those,

Her smile ensues a lovely glow.


Soon her eyes gently close,

She sucks her thumb in a doze,

  As her charm increasingly grows,

Opening out to all an ecstatic source.


It is a pleasure to see her sleep,

Her light slumber is not deep,

She gets startled at a tiny beep,

Forcing a stealthy silence in a creep.


Peeping over the cradle for long,

Sends a tranquil vibration all along,

Sets the mind at peace not wrong,

Makes the heart sing a merry song.


It is a pleasure unexplainable,

It is a leisure unfathomable,

Oh!Is not my verse lovable?

Nay,it is the  way the baby sleeps  is enjoyable.