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Forgive and Forget

Forget the bad
remember the good
the advice for all
easy to say
difficult to follow.

The evil remains in the heart
the hurt squeezes it
the stress beats it
the body succumbs
to the pressure .

The so say attitude
forget and forgive
found rarely
is a good stock
with a best result.

To play so on the bet
with th go getter tone
brings pleasure
all is well said
but hard to be done.

The physical wound
takes time to heal
so the mental agony
is not easy to be flushed
it lurks and lingers.

Any one can say anything
the man who has faced
the music discordant
has to level his thoughts
a version very dear.forgive and forget

Isms -Realism

The isms take us far

Realism is a factual crisis.

going by the real  is not easy

getting by the facts is dizzy

sticking to truth is fishy

difficult it might sound

strange it might be found

risky it is also on ground.



Realism is a favoured by few

who most feel go without clue.

as most take the easiest tool

being not wanting to be a fool

they change with the times

sing the tunes in rhymes

making people believe  in fake

deserting truth  for its sake.



Ever easy  to utter lies

and go by lively buys

forsaking the real

going by the virtual

that appears then and there

never emboldened and bare

Well it is but rational and fair

adapting to the worldly  care.



Realism has become an anachronism

as all the  other ismsrealism

it is an outdated  portfolio

very much not in the folio

Each one has its compulsions hard

with that they carry on in the card

adjusting to their suitability and convenience

that being the most lively ambience.










Take It Easy.

The take it easy policy gets us going.

Taking everything to heart is disturbing.

Ignoring the not so important

and taking into consideration

the valid disputes  make the point

saving lot of time and expenses

as otherwise would go in to form a  major

controversial hearing all through

creating  a desperate  despondency

and an unfathomable  insurgency

leading to a strained take it easydebate

and a frantic dealing.





The Ambush.

Having had a magnificent life so long.
Living in cheer and grace all along
Like everyone he wanted to chase
something that gave an irresistible impetus
He went behind money not for a change
but wanting to get rich quick
he resorted to ways not normal
as the usual ones bring no prize
so took the path easier to earn
involving in means different and strange
jumping into tracks not modest but illegal
He did succeed early having making huge revenue.
later he found himself in a maze and an entanglement
created not by others but by himself
His peace and smooth sailing got distorted
leaving a panic and fear great
Before he could lose himself fully in the ambush
he got away at the right moment
saving himself and his kith
knowing notambush late that only good would survive.

Justifiable denial

denialismDenials are justifiable too.
They might call for a sue.
They might erupt a boo.
They are to be pronounced true.

Denying is not a crime as most think.
It becomes essential leading to a link.
It might be impromptu coming out in a wink.
Sometimes it ought to be as bold as one written in ink.

It might be hard to say ‘no’.
It might sound odd to refuse in a row.
It might force one to lift the brow.
Some feel it is unpleasant to say it even to a foe.

It has to be said at any cost.
As all good things would never last.
Many kind acts disappear fast.
It is only the pricks and thorns that holds out the mast.

Affirming every act and deed is away from practice.
Confirming every theory is never a treatise.
Condemning becomes almost an outcome of the novice.
A stout denial is the most sought out application in the indices.

Hence learn to say “no” with a justification.
This word never reflects dissatisfaction.
Instead it expresses a negative coordination.
Directing all to a prescribed destination.

The Blame.

It is easy to blame others.

It is  easier to find fault.

It is easiest  for all to run away .


It is difficult to complete a task.

It is far more difficult to accomplish it  with dignity.

It is most difficult  for everyone to praise the genuine.


It is  easy to point the finger.

It is  easier to mock.

It is easiest to grab the honour finally.


It is difficult to negotiate .

It is more difficult to resolve.

It is most difficult for all to approve the diligent.


Well that is how the world  looks at things.

Well that is what each one is made off.

Well the earnest goes unhonored and unrecognised.