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Gradually it grows

not so fast in a way

not so high and tall

stages be its call.


Gradually it flows

not in a rush in a way

not so strong and  high

stages in tries.


Gradually it learns

not in a quick  way

not so brilliant in part

stages in  a sort.


Slow and steady wins the race

goes the maxim in a trace

the process being regular in all

the registration be better in call.





The Fall Definite.

Gradual it was

slow it seemed

a fall to be definite.


Unaware of the slide

a spend as usual

led to a fall definite.


Could it be wanton?

shutting  the eyes  to the real

brought  a fall definite.


Could it be an indifference?

making  it up next time

resulted in a fall  definite.


Ignorance could be a cause

might be a fault inherent

could be a reason for a fall definite.



So many ifs and buts

so many do’s and don’ts

would see you fall definite.











I have Become Myself

I had the fright of life

it was  not  worrisome in strife

I panicked and  tweaked all the more

shed tears almost to the score

a fortnight I had been so

it was a nightmare in the go

I lost concentration all the while

not mine in the style

I succumbed to the threat

I started to fret

I cried and sobbed all too much crying-cry-sobbing-sad-depressed

dragging with me my loved ones as such

the phase has passed now

I am clear as much as I know

great and good in a form

smart, cheerful and calm

as ever before in the flow

I have become myself in a slow.

Slowly I Do

Slowly I discover
what is under the cover
Slowly I unravel
what is in the travel?
Slowly I unfurl
what is behind a curl?
Slowly I undertake
what is on the take?
Slowly I deliver
what is beneath the lever?
Slowly I square up
what is between the steps?
Slowly I go
along with the flow.
slowly I would pass
totally into an impasse.slowly

Fear A Quick Rise.

Words come to me very slowly

and I write very lethargically

go through it again  very lazily

sit there with a gaze unwittingly

my writings  are simple   as such

there is no great effort as much

I write with a simple touch

neither a satire nor an allegory

either be it a poem  sans glory

I write in an ordinary style

never refer any  file

this is my attempt and a try for long I fly

for long this is how I fly

almost without any slide

as it is easy to glide

and move up gradually

as I fear quickquick rise rise very truly.

Old is Gold

A day or two ago

 met my friend of long ago 

old she has turned 

most of the calories burnt 

by age and illness in one show

found her out of flow 

staggers  a lot in her walk

 precise is she in her talk

 physically she has lost 

 mentally she is still fast 

hailed me by name all aloud 

brought back the events from cloud 

speaks out in a voice so clear 

tells me  I look like an old hag with cheer 

Knew not where to keep my face 

I pulled myself away with a long face 

not able to accept that I am also old 

she and I being the same age  in fold 

yet thought I am young not  gone grey 

as my black hair shines in the fray

with coloured dye minimal  and slight 

teeth all original and white 

no make up whatsoever in sight 

I deign myself in attire suitable 

wish to seem  like  one capable  

never did I think that I am old 

 with a smile now, I accept “Old is gold”



dying hair with henna indigo

Laid back Town.

A little way from here

there is a town near

small and sleepy

laid back and funny

it being so nice

with its lovely guys

who get  up late

know no date

loiter about

enjoy no doubt

eat what they like

when they wish

with no specifics

not there be any artifice

deeming  all things great

expecting nothing in the rate

that be their fair play

nothing more to say.slow town