Anything More Dense.

Nowadays I am the way

I turn not  on detractors

I hear not abuse

I feel not the contempt

stand resolved and stern

bother not of  others

know that for every  move

would be an arrest

for every word uttered

would be an opposite

not to be for the silence

would anything be more dense?





dormant Poetry quiet steel.

The Validity Of Silence,

The value of silence

most do not know

as it does not flow

nor it has a glow

it remains silent

almost dormant

it never ferments

silence is great. nor does it inclement.

Silence  has a validity

the no noise is  a force

seeps down the pores

sits right in front of the nose

goes through the full course

unassuming it is in a froze

never gets  into blows

but keeps the opponent in toes.

The nonchalant silence  as I feel

peeps into every eye in a steal

sets the beholder to reel

unable to stand the looks  in deal

the target falls a prey in a kneel

runs head over heels

succumbs  in a conceal

be it a sign of steel.


That Be A Silence.

That be a silence

that be a quietness

still and sombre

sober and quaint

a little awesome

more into dreary

a walk to the corner

seems a horror

a look down the lane

is a strain terrible

flowers burst out in colours

trees put forth a greenery

the path is immaculate

none the else to groan

not the more to mourn

yet there is a succour

a way into the realm of fear.


Poetry silence sonnet

It is Silence

silent environmentThe greenery around

lush and pleasant

flower beds in a crescent

a brook with clear waters  found

lies  there a suburb  with an abound

a population very decent

clean and clear is the environment

all  convenience great and sound

all be so with a rhythm and rhyme

yet there lacks a charisma

could not be explained in the ordinary

the silence occupies the prime

appears like an unobtrusive enigma

where life assumes a slot not primary.


The Sound Of Silence.

I could hear no noise

 it is damn still

 silence is itself a sound Sound of Silence wallp11

 that has no voice

 but imposes a terrible  feel

it also lends out a great deal

a scenario of tenseness

where there arises a fear

that of being with no one

sometimes it is very inviting

most times it takes us away

creating an awe and scare

awesome it is to be in silence

might be for a temperate

on the long run it is not entertained

as silence and darkness

get going with hand altogether

the plausibility of being  alive

has to be equated with life

the breathing has to be juxtaposed

the nerves and veins have to have a let out

for that we need company

not that of human  entirely

but that of sound  mostly

not jarring but pleasant

that be of music pleasing

that be of talk enlightening

that be of a cackle enlivening

that be of a chuckle invigorating

a company of like mindedness

would become a gracious treasure.





A Few Maxims

Observation is better than participation .

Precision  takes over unwieldy extension.

Quality wins high against quantity.

Sincerity  surpasses  infidelity.

Quietness excels noise

Well these are  the choices

that are thrown open to us

taking the right without fuss

would lead us to success

not in a fast process

but in a gradual note

that in short

takes us across

without tremendous loss.silence is golden









In The Nest.

Shunning publicity
is her way of life
Shying away from light
is her trend of life.
Keeping herself to herself
is her diplomacy.
Watching in silence
is her efficiency.
Thinking out of box
is her procedure
talking less least the minimal
is her progress.
Keeping the promise
is her qualification.
Never extending ramifications
is her forte.
To many it might
look a deficiency.
To most it might
sound an anachronism.
To the rest she is
a deviant .
Yet she pulls on
in her nest.
Unaffected and unobtrusive.

Actions Anger Poem silence


Ssilenceilence is golden is the saying.
It is a contradiction in the upswing
Keeping your mouth shut is not a virtue.
likely you resemble more of a statue.
Arming yourself with words for defence
will not at any cost bring you offence.
Where greed and competition get the best.
muting your voice will put you to test.
When evil and lies surge up to the front.
sitting tight-lipped will bring you brunt.
In this era this adage has been put to test
when all things good or bad demands a protest.

Actions Poem silence thoughts

The Falsehood.

A hushed silence was established.

A compelled uneasiness was felt.

A sensitive embarrassment was experienced.

A dullness spread around.


How to bring about normalcy?

How to diffuse the gathered animosity?

How to lighten the tension?

Questions crowded the mind.


It was an echo of deceit.

It was anything but farce.


Words read false.

Promises become unkempt.

Actions expose vengeance.

Slander runs amuck.


It was betrayal in the run.

It was an unpleasant shun.

It was an unapproved fun.

So all went beyond the gun.




Actions Anger Expenses Experience feelings Interpretation subscriptions thoughts threat. turmoil Wisdom

A Victory Unannounced.

A senseless attack kept her unperturbed.

It made others disturbed.

The basis of the barrage was manoeuvred.

It created a silence laboured.


A brutal character assassination  left her undeterred.

It  instilled  an uneasiness deferred.

The fundamental  diagnosis  was uncivilised.

It designed a hypothetical thesis unsolicited.


A  dishevelled  verbal  dialogue broke the concurrence.

She  maintained a composed resilience.

The outbursts slowly dwindled to a weak subservience.

The chaos was none the less a misguided occurrence.


The peevish outcry was one of jealous  insurgence.

There developed a gradual resurgence.

She smilingly endured  the consequence.

She valiantly emerged a victor out  of the turbulence.