Great Be The Time.

Great be the time

loud be the chime

keep on the mime

have to earn a dime

with your rhymes

that be the prime

put you in the light lime .




A Rhyming Lyric

Love that holds

beauty that beholds

suspicion that withholds

being these in hold

one goes about bold

has to be told

not to fold

opportunity is gold

whilst it is rolled

grab it before it becomes cold

a practice  of old.kssr-year-5-literature-poem-59-638




Poetry silence sonnet

It is Silence

silent environmentThe greenery around

lush and pleasant

flower beds in a crescent

a brook with clear waters  found

lies  there a suburb  with an abound

a population very decent

clean and clear is the environment

all  convenience great and sound

all be so with a rhythm and rhyme

yet there lacks a charisma

could not be explained in the ordinary

the silence occupies the prime

appears like an unobtrusive enigma

where life assumes a slot not primary.


Sound And Echoes.

Calling mamma all over the world

echoed as  ” amma” to me in India

with that the similar words

rhyming the same every time

get a conspicuous  tone and sound

peculiar to the region and dialect

strange in places away  with an insight

becoming an incoherent  murmur  right.

Well, that being so goes the most familiar word

taking a different cue  and interpretation  loudmamma-mia

the most common word as simple as now

gets into the wave and sounds no

with that the denial gets linked up closely

leading to a controversy  unexpectedly

as also the  other much used word fat

falls  into another’s ear as fought

provoking an anger of great limit beyond

landing one in great trouble in the surround.

The repetition and assumptions of rhymes mostly

with the variations in diction   lands on a bounce greatl








I dreamt for a time

got up after some time

found nothing in rhyme

as I lost the rhythmic rhyme.dreams


A Confrontation Terrific.

A lovely finish to a tale
a nice ending to the sale
a pleasant-looking dale
a fierce harrowing gale
a clever capable male
all become very pale
when confronted by a whale
not the real whale
but that circumstantial terrific gale

subscriptions thoughts

Enquiring chimes

When do you feel let out?

Not only when you are in wrong,

But also when you are  in song,

Pretty well when you long ,

To differ from the crowd.



When do you  experience difficulty?

Not only when  you  cannot solve,

But also when you can absolve,

Very much when you resolve,

To  work out vigorously.



Why do you often stumble?

Not only when you take a  false  gait

But also when you   make a   step right

More so when there is a great  plight,

To recover from  the tumble.



Why do you invariably fail?

Not only when you are a laggard trail,

But also a go ahead sail.,

Even  when you reconcile to a bail,

There blinks a curious  frail.



Why so ?this  sustains

What for ? this pertains,

How  well ? this maintains.

In the world of  feign and drains,

Insisting an eventual  disdain.