The Interrogation

Did I call you?
Did I see you?
Did I touch you?
goes my thought
on variables and invariablesinterrogation
on reality and abstract
the sun shines in the morn
the stars twinkle in the night
the moon wanes and waxes
with the rains and floods
the wind blows mild and strong
Do they ask in such a way?
as I interrogate
Never will they do
as they are part of Nature
they are preoccupied
transcend and translate
the sense of life.

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Would They?

rightsFight for your rights goes the thought.
Fight for justice prompts the mind.
Fight for equality calls the experience.
Fight for truth is the much used slogan.
Well, would all these fights work out?
Would all these fights yield fruit?
Would they? Would they? is the query
that would remain unanswered for centuries.

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Enquiring chimes

When do you feel let out?

Not only when you are in wrong,

But also when you are  in song,

Pretty well when you long ,

To differ from the crowd.



When do you  experience difficulty?

Not only when  you  cannot solve,

But also when you can absolve,

Very much when you resolve,

To  work out vigorously.



Why do you often stumble?

Not only when you take a  false  gait

But also when you   make a   step right

More so when there is a great  plight,

To recover from  the tumble.



Why do you invariably fail?

Not only when you are a laggard trail,

But also a go ahead sail.,

Even  when you reconcile to a bail,

There blinks a curious  frail.



Why so ?this  sustains

What for ? this pertains,

How  well ? this maintains.

In the world of  feign and drains,

Insisting an eventual  disdain.