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The Fruit Inside Craves.

The skin of a fruit is lush

looks beautiful when fresh

the skin turns a sag

seems awkward in tag

yet the fruit inside craves.


Easy to peel a trousseau  crinkled

the loose ends that hold the wrinkles

fall out as the snow flakes

none would wish to go in for a take

yet the fruit inside craves


The fresh one has a robe tight

gives a nice opposition in fight

hard to peel them

any one would hold it as a gem

yet the fruit inside craves.


That be the plunge in  all

be it a fruit or any in a call

the wealth, the power and  the glitch

would  deliberately demand a pitch

yet the fruit inside craves.


It  could be seen in a  semblance

the one out for deliverance

would be an one of the infinite

could be nothing of the definite

as the truth inside  craves.orange-peel-skin-care










Truth  is bitter  always

it shatters in most ways

never leave it anyway

abide by it always.taste-truth

Truth Would never Let You Down.

Angered at yesterday’s turn of events
fell on my bed with a split headache
what could be the reason for this advent?
I checked the days incidents for the sake
opening out the happenings and laying it bare
I found out the causes for the transformation.

Indeed, it is nothing to hurt the mind
it is but a gimmicky for the time being
the preamble for the stretch that lies behind
would come to light with the truth surfacing
that would be not in the recent as I feel
would break open when the time arises.

The truth could never be suppressed
it would come out with a spurt
none could restrict or repress
it would stand as evidence without request
that is the charisma of truth all said and done
a great quality that has to be enhanced all the more.truth

Writing Has a Reference

The writing has a value great

be it a fiction or poetry whatever it be

anything put in words on paper

commands a respect and means truth.

Speak one can anything under the sun

talking high of that and this

looking nowhere else around

praising and bemoaning at the same time.

The basis of the eloquence be of strength

lively it goes with the oration

sprinkled with anecdotes real and false

heightened by way of fiery talk.

There be a clear distinction in writing

as it holds a meritorious significance

nothing could be set in black and white

without the fundamentals being right.

Words spoken flies in the air

words written hold waters forever

that be the reason all the while

taking writing as a sober reference.

writing has reference

The Divine

The divine be there always
say  many with faith in all ways
be it divine  or sublime
I know not  in a time
with that staunch belief in mind
I go about in my find
tracing the truth in-depth
tracking the goal in length
be it what it may in a sense
I think of the sincerity in intense
with that my life moves on
considering the plausibility on and on.
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