Truth Would never Let You Down.

Angered at yesterday’s turn of events
fell on my bed with a split headache
what could be the reason for this advent?
I checked the days incidents for the sake
opening out the happenings and laying it bare
I found out the causes for the transformation.

Indeed, it is nothing to hurt the mind
it is but a gimmicky for the time being
the preamble for the stretch that lies behind
would come to light with the truth surfacing
that would be not in the recent as I feel
would break open when the time arises.

The truth could never be suppressed
it would come out with a spurt
none could restrict or repress
it would stand as evidence without request
that is the charisma of truth all said and done
a great quality that has to be enhanced all the more.truth


The Cuckoo Clock Oscillates

The clock before me oscillates  to and fro

sullen and sober it is indeed

the movement is in perfect flow

right and left it goes in a  lead

the clock performs with the perfection

at one point it loses its exactness

at times gains minutes  infractions

at other loses hours  in tardiness

a winding  at the least corrects its run

or a repair at the most sets it right

lest it climbs into the attic  be no fun

as one of the old unused ones out of sight

sure, it might one-day jump from above

and surface with a demand unknown

as antiques command great value  in glow

this one a fifty years from now

would fetch a fortune to my cuckoo clockchildren

who would think of me for a moment

when they count the dollars in earnest.

Poetry water.

Water Of All

I break the fast

with a glass of water warm

it goes down very  fast

all with a trickle calm

flows into the throat

clears it  with a smother

takes its  downward route

cleanses  the path without a bother

a simple drink rather

colourless and odourless  in nature

bereft of taste altogether

yet  possesses  enormous features

least expensive  to gather

lesser to none in value

a quench thirster  to all

factually  irreperable  and invaluable

imagine the plight  in call

if there be no water at all.drinking-water-standards

Poetry qualify song

The Less Qualified

Nevertheless they say.
None the less it goes
More or less it matters
Little less they play.

The less is found in all
Hopeless they fall
Useless they call
Ruthless they behave.

The less you are the great you feel
The less you talk the more you achieve.
The less you weigh the most agile you feel.
The less anger doubles your joy.

That be a song on less.
Please do not value it less.
I thought in a way of less.
I wrote in a way different about less
less talk


The Loss

Careless in all 
 there be not small
 there be all the great 
be it of any rate
 the loss not heavy 
 considered in the value 
 that of the sentiments 
 would bear an impact
could not be compensated 
 either by kind or cash
 that which is gone 
 is lost forever.






The Coins.

One a penny two a penny

hot cross bun goes  by the rhyme  

 comes to my mind now  in chime 

when pennies had a time

with that we could buy buns

as well as could have fun

now pennies are pennies alone

with them  we could purchase none

as they are just coins without value

having made of metal of value

just keeping them as memoirs

as they would have a great repertoire

as those who collect coins  as a hobby

would  get it for any cost without a lobby

that way goes the coins all along

while they had a history of (57)




The Rugged Land

download (52)The land I see  over there
seems to be rugged and undulating
goes it by mounds and bounds
with a terrain not soft but very stern
as nothing could grow there
remains for long an untouched stretch.

As everything finds its way out
this land also  finds its path
with commercials seen all the more
this no good brand rose on demand
as developers flocked their way
there it  stands aloft  with pride.

Its value rises by day and night
that which lay useless all these days
attains  a status primary and elitist
before you could close and shut your eyes
all in a day crossing the millions in a sway
that be the  price of  latent virtuosity  in a way



Publicize ,Advertise, Raise

Spreading the content 

tweeting the  titles

sharing the  posts

that being the best

and wonderful way  to publicize

and win readership .


With the prime content

less tweets

with modest sharing

that being the  alternate

and moderate way to advertise

and get innumerable views.



Which be the most optimistic?

That of  publicize  greatly

or one of advertise

Well, what renders most is download (34)

raising a follow up of value

with a validity and interest.











A Fortune

The fortune Ivisualize

being not one of wealth

not also of prosperity

that every one wishes

but one of understanding

one of benevolence

that goes with a prowess

with an acumen

one being of skill and tact

a way to live in this world

full of deceit and scandal

relying on power and greed

a tone different and unusual

a texture altogether distinct

believing in skill and knack

that be the way  in particular

that be the  schedule in specific

as of how to live in the strange world.

Is it not a fortune that all long for?images (98)




Views being zero.

Visitors being zero.

The blog looks zero

Well, zero is a beginning

It is also an end

with its value infinite

as  without zero being there

nothing would sound