The Rugged Land

download (52)The land I see  over there
seems to be rugged and undulating
goes it by mounds and bounds
with a terrain not soft but very stern
as nothing could grow there
remains for long an untouched stretch.

As everything finds its way out
this land also  finds its path
with commercials seen all the more
this no good brand rose on demand
as developers flocked their way
there it  stands aloft  with pride.

Its value rises by day and night
that which lay useless all these days
attains  a status primary and elitist
before you could close and shut your eyes
all in a day crossing the millions in a sway
that be the  price of  latent virtuosity  in a way



A Confession

Sleeping in a rugged floor.
Brushing the teeth with cinders
Bathing in a river.
Eating out of earthen ware.
She knows no sophistication.
She knows no condiments.
She 2631059035_1985b10ceb know only work
Nothing more than that.

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They Go Past.

Listening to the wind’s manifesto,

holding on to its gusto,

sailing along with its course,

beating its trail with a force,

the ship tossed in the rough seas.


Moving ahead across the rugged road,

struggling on with a smile broad,

enduring every hurdle with patience,

trying to out-beat the competition with a reference,

she treaded the desolate path all alone.


Braving the storm with diligence

shoved past the ship with an animated presence.

Pushing aside the obstacles with a determination

she raced towards the destination.

 Hey  you ! Will they reach their goal ?








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The Ocean Drive

It is blue deep blue.

 Water in a beautiful hue,

Waves rolling out without a clue,

Kissing the shore with an amorous  cue.



Winding goes the long drive,

Bends come in a notation live,

The mighty ocean rises in a strive,

Breathing out an awe in a  thrive.


Intermittent bays appear on the way,

Scintillating scenery hold us in a sway,

The huge trees stand in the fray,

Expressing a magnificence all the way.


The hills slopes up and down,

A little steep and brown.

The eucalyptus grows in a lanky throng,

Enhancing the charm to an ecstatic  song.


Down goes the road at times,

Up  climbs the  path at times,

Presenting an enticing scenario  all times,

Lifting us to a  lofty frenzy most times.