A Long Road.

It is a long road

winding and steep

away from the main

secluded and broad.


None prefers to go through

being far and away

the road being  different

aloof and undulating in true.


The road less traversed

lies unused for long

a day comes to the play

when it tops up the cross.


The lonely road is full of buzz

vehicles go up and down

incessant in  their  plight

has become a famed one in a plus.


Being the  path of life as seen

the one which lies low

suddenly rises up to prominence

that be the  choice in a deem.










The Road Engine

The road engine across the road

goes up and down in a stroll

making a gritty noise all the while so

a slow movement, not in style

has been going on for  two days

an uneasy feeling sets in ways

be it for the good in a civic sense

could be a pollutant in a dense

it goes on with its work all the same

could not put the engine to shame

good roads  being a necessity to all

wish not  to complain its performance.road engine






journey Poetry

A Long Road——-Symbolism

It is a long road
very long and broad
no ups and downs all through
but a few speed breakers through
promises a peaceful ride
with vehicles by the side
no overtakes in store
no honking in score
a regulated drive
in orderly files
the travel turns enjoyable
could also turn enviable
a similarity is seen in life
the long road delivers a strife
interruptions in the form of commitment
instigations in the term of an indictment
with competitions and compulsions
go to make up for the propositions
mark the journey of life in style
could be one of happiness in trial
could also deal with failures too.

long road


A Temporary Distraction

Back again in my home

relaxing in a way casual

look out of the patio in general

my eyes wander in a roam

a man and his  wife walk aplomb

a scene very simple and  normal

a cyclist goes on the road as usual

followed by a car in close comb

the sounds are so intense

a buzz almost beyond control

life is  clearly seen in every action

a contrast to the experience recently in a sense

a quietness impressive  not enough to fold

the liveliness I behold with fascination

my road at home


To Cross.

The road so broad and long

looked  very huge and strong

stood at an end in awe

most apprehensive with a tremble.

Halted for a time there

eyes went almost bare

feared to go ahead though

with one foot on the road.

The dilemma surged  in a rave

across to the other side brave

contemplated awhile in fear.

en suite rushed across the lane.

The heart jumped from within

got caught in the midway din

cars honked on either side  mad

feet trembled in a distinct  shiver sad.

The drivers shouted in  bridling anger

cursed me in a  note of stammer

scared  I made way to the opposite

unmindful of the swear and scream.

This way it could be an instance

the road is  a semblance

of life in a wholesome pretence

this being an appraisal of a defence.


As such cross of  the road is  easy

be it accompanied by anything not dizzy

so much so with the life  characteristic

be it engrossed with a serious outlook.


The Negotiations

The way goes in a round about 
 with turns and twists all about  
 not be one straight road ahead 
 a long distance be it instead  
negotiate is the essence all round 
where obstacles come up all round 
 speed is not possible at this frontier 
 patience is tracked in the dernier 
if that be the practice in the go  
 all things would fall in a row 
 would lead to a triumph in the run 
end up in an enjoyment and fun


The Road Of Life

The straight road is easy to traverse
the ups and downs draw a caress
the man behind the wheels drives with ease
the one beside goes with a please
if that be a straight path in all deeds
The turns and curves cause a distress
with the driver always on a press
the fellow traveller feels restless
results in an disenchanted status.
road of life


The Road I Take

The road I take
 leads me away
 as I take not the normal route
 going by an exclusive one
 that is shorter and quicker
free from the rush
 with no stopping of signals
no halting due to traffic chaos
sounds little imaginative
 yet it is true  and factual
 I take this always  as my way
going by a different  road
 the road not taken  by all
 not only while travelling
 but all through other deviations
that keep me in a place
 very much away from the rest
 the choice always being exclusive.

— road


How Did He Do It?

Broad and wide goes the road

lengthy  and long flows the road

winding and windy is the mind

the man behind the wheel

drives through the road

with the mind taking a path

wholly different from the real

that be long and lengthy ‘

he driving through the road

while his thoughts take him

where he does not know

as the thinking is windy and winding

making him halt and stop

not in the real sense

but in the thoughtful accent

he going on and on  straight

while his thoughts deviated

how did he do it ?


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Pockets All through

Pockets of potholes seen on the road

Pockets  of dirt found in the corners.

Pockets of  land looking not flat.

Pockets that are visible

Pockets that lay camouflaged

Pockets big stitched  in dresses .

Pockets small adorning the kids wear

So being pockets  all in the fray

there arises a bump on the way

an accumulation in the sway

finally  a pockets resource in the bay.