The Financial Legacy.

A serious part of the pledge

being a deviation from its  hedge

one and one against  as seen

well, have to be keen

otherwise, would land in trouble

a slight slip would emanate a bubble

away from the proclaimed path  as found

a turn from the ascertained is not sound

the push is towards the  breakaway

a context out of the usual stay

that is going to happen not in a sudden

as it lies on being an undue burden

the distraction part is to share the onus

being a financial legacy as known

the money lies in the common pool

a trial to make the other a fool.










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Distraction———A Standard Deviation

I was amidst a crowd

heard none of their bustles

I am in front of the Television

see none of its programs

I have a book in my hand

turn pages but read nothing.

I talk to my friend

talk I without knowing

I drive through the traffic

see nothing in front

I cook my food all the days

mechanical it seems to be

I live all the years

focusing not on one action

it be called a distraction

having not a follow

seeing not keenly

hearing not  with a wish

observing anything at all

a  deviation is there all through

might be I am not interested

sure, the fascination holds you

sure, the love keeps you glued

if not you are away

your mind is somewhere else

your body is present

it happens to me from time long

even now when I am writing this song.


A Temporary Distraction

Back again in my home

relaxing in a way casual

look out of the patio in general

my eyes wander in a roam

a man and his  wife walk aplomb

a scene very simple and  normal

a cyclist goes on the road as usual

followed by a car in close comb

the sounds are so intense

a buzz almost beyond control

life is  clearly seen in every action

a contrast to the experience recently in a sense

a quietness impressive  not enough to fold

the liveliness I behold with fascination

my road at home


Random Selection

It was a random selection
done with a distraction
never to any point of definition
very much simple in proposition
not akin to any perfection randomSelectionScreen
very common and ordinary
had to be accepted without query
dissatisfaction expressed in a hurry
would take one to pick up rivalry
finally end up in a terrible desolation
without any tangible resolution
only would be extreme frustration
leads us to a deep depression
away from any progress
an undeniable onus.


A Pain They Say

A pain in the heart
a hear attack they say
I feel it is sadness in all ways
a grievance oppressing the heart.

A pain in the head
a migraine they call
I suspect it is melancholy in fall
unbearable to the head.

A pain elsewhere
be it in other parts of the body
might be due to disease in shoddy
to me it is an outcome of grief.

The mind is the culprit.
The heart is the target .
The thought circumscribes through the bet.
Circumvents the whole being in a pit.

Thus goes all the ailment.
Physical it might look outward
the mental causes thepain drain inward
cross and clash do they in a fulfillment.


The Confidence.

The confidence at times turns shaky
the do or die attitude formason and cart3sakes
however much stoicism is shown
there is a certain distraction
that picks up in the stride
prompts the heart to oscillate
the mind gets into the arena
proposes a firmness in temper
yet the heart wins over
which leads to a digression
where trust collapses
and belief runs amuck.


The Glossary Of Terms

The deviation gets goiglossary1ng

 while the distraction is engaging

 The feverish delirium mounts up

while the urgency tops up.

The fuming heart pounds strongly

 while the mind works wrongly.

With the fretting and boiling in the sway

 the punching and debauching gets the way.

Therein ends up the sojourn long

 while the crossing over becomes a song .

The glossary of terms make me strain

 as the copious tears fall as rain.


Closing The Eyes.

Closing the eyes
while talking over phone
looks little out of size
being practised by none
but doing that by tries
has become my ownclosing
giving a feeling of flies
away from the reality zone.

It being a pause and cause
holding me over and above
not wanting to see the real farce
but keeping me in a flow
talking with concentrated clause
relevant to the conversation on toe
with no distraction in the close.


The Physical Hunger–Lust.

The thrust in man to commit
is both acceptable and unacceptable.
The urge to do things
for the good of society
for the welfare of the community
come under the acceptable.
The drive to secure by greed
that go to get into the big
resorting to hoarding and amassing wealth
by unlawful means and discreet manipulations
resorting to illegal practices
gets an unacceptable quote.
Above all and above everything
the advances toward physical pleasures
the illicit contacts and the unlikely
attacks on the opposite sex
The polygamy and the rape give a notorious illustration
and this animal pleasure reflects on the individual
as a non formidable deviation resting on the excessive aggravation
linked to the progeny in the growth and style of the lineage.
The gruesome approach and the powerful plunge
destroys the mind and body all the same
revealing a dire, distasteful quality in the genes
inherent in the individual and expressed mostly in the teens
getting develoimages (54)ped in the years into a lust keen.
These call for a condemnation and a rounding up
providing a warning to the wrong doers in a crucial go.

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The Fly Flies

A small creature creates an irritation,

 brings in a bothersome distraction,

inflicts a rare delusion,

leaves a nagging sensation.


It goes round the eyes,

perches itself over the nose,

sits on the cheeks like a dice,

hovers over the mouth in quick tries.


Driving it away poses a strain

getting rid of it is a gain,

Now is the time to tell you the main,

it is the common fly in its deign