The Financial Legacy.

A serious part of the pledge

being a deviation from its  hedge

one and one against  as seen

well, have to be keen

otherwise, would land in trouble

a slight slip would emanate a bubble

away from the proclaimed path  as found

a turn from the ascertained is not sound

the push is towards the  breakaway

a context out of the usual stay

that is going to happen not in a sudden

as it lies on being an undue burden

the distraction part is to share the onus

being a financial legacy as known

the money lies in the common pool

a trial to make the other a fool.











The Tax Deviation

The ways and means quoth he

haveimages (78) to be looked into the earnings that be

one of being straight in a way

being less subtle in the fray

that of claiming an honesty

with the lot more sincerity

with that be no dodging  in revenue

converting it into black or white in the venue

putting forth a face that be without  being pungent

calling for an admission that be diligent

he talking about all these in detail

while none paid any heed to his trial

as these days we see an overwhelming put ups

firmly and deceitfully drawn as patch ups

that go to evade taxation that be abnormal

as the governments  levy tax dismal

inducing the traders to go in for double accounting

one cooked up  for the tax accounting

and one another for the real  accounts

That being the common lay out

blaming the trader alone would not work out

as the government should workup the prescription

that had to be compiled with no   deviation

trying to chart out a congenial environment

being healthy and friendly  in averment.








The Glossary Of Terms

The deviation gets goiglossary1ng

 while the distraction is engaging

 The feverish delirium mounts up

while the urgency tops up.

The fuming heart pounds strongly

 while the mind works wrongly.

With the fretting and boiling in the sway

 the punching and debauching gets the way.

Therein ends up the sojourn long

 while the crossing over becomes a song .

The glossary of terms make me strain

 as the copious tears fall as rain.

Actions Experience Interpretation learning Lesson Life Poem subscriptions thoughts True turmoil

A Search Though.

It was a search.

It was a thorough search,

leaving everyone in the lurch.


It was a raid.

It was a thorough raid,

exposing everything that was discreetly  laid.


It was an investigation.

It was a thorough investigation,

unravelling everything  from the closely conceived  distribution.


It was an exposition.

It was a thorough exposition,

laying bare the well conceited deviations.


It was  a fraudulent.

It was a thorough fraudulent,

directing to an unscrupulous  deceiving indulgence.


It taught a lesson.

It was a moral lesson.

delivering that integrity has a beautiful designation.