The Mantra Of Earning

The means to earn being many

as there is an obsession of the penny

people go about in actions  funny

thinking of ways uncanny.


The thought of filling up the coffers

has been long with offers

that imply  quick  transfers

leaving in between a lot of buffer.


Acquiring the best in all possibility

sabotaging the obstacles in the proximity

getting straight into the feasibility

swindling off the wholesome in spontaneity.


This being the mantra of earning

as everyone talks of the success with feeling

having to lose the integrity in money making

that be the authenticity in the ruling.



Actions collapse. Poem

A Momentous Collapse.

dead in a second.Known for her integrity
keeping away from curiosity
reserving herself to herself
talking not a word more
disciplined and straight
she walked and talked
She collapsed literally
when she faced a blame
that too from an unexpected end.
She burst out not in anger
but at the venomous bite
sharp, strong and stinging
broke her into pieces
left her paralysed for a moment.
Gathering strength she regained
from the momentous assail
got back her strength and attitude
that had been with her all through the years.

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A Search Though.

It was a search.

It was a thorough search,

leaving everyone in the lurch.


It was a raid.

It was a thorough raid,

exposing everything that was discreetly  laid.


It was an investigation.

It was a thorough investigation,

unravelling everything  from the closely conceived  distribution.


It was an exposition.

It was a thorough exposition,

laying bare the well conceited deviations.


It was  a fraudulent.

It was a thorough fraudulent,

directing to an unscrupulous  deceiving indulgence.


It taught a lesson.

It was a moral lesson.

delivering that integrity has a beautiful designation.



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A Lawyer Betrays.

A lawyer behaves extremely rude.

His words are  abominably crude.

Well, dub him as a dude.


He thinks high of his capacity.

But lacks the basic integrity.

Well, he presents abnormal difficulty.


He betrays his valuable  clients.

He supports their bitter  opponents.

Well, call him an impertinent.


He may be successful in profession.

He is out of the area of appreciation.

Well, he is deficit of recognition.


The world should shun such unethical.

Keep him out of the radical.

Well, he is a criminal classical.

Forgery thoughts turmoil

Brands Of Four-

Birth of you keeps me wondering,

Family of you  makes me thinking,

Friends of you get me embittering,

Actions of you are detesting,

Oh ! tell me why  you are so infringing?



Your deeds force me to undertake a study,

Up I go with my frantic search ready,

 I got a background of your  family already,

No wonder you are so undisciplined and greedy,

Committing faults  mightily gaudy.



The eldest of you is a  school drop out,

Talks incoherently in a shrill base throat,

Clad in shabby, unkempt  attire throughout,

Thinks he is a perfectionist in a float,

Vitally he is  a treacherous cut throat.



The next in order is  the only educated ,

Speaks in measured terms not affected,

Dresses up in impressive clothing well-managed,

Behaves  with charm and grace absolutely dignified,

 Truly  he is  an elegance  finely styled.


The third of the family is an empty head,

Prattles in  broken disorganised  thread,

Wears  the most unsuited  dress code ahead,

Poses himself to be  well read,

Really  he is a snobbish dread.



A family so different I rarely find,

 Not looks but thoughts  also differ I extend,

Integrity  also has a graphical bend,

The siblings move on   to the end,

With their own  specific blend.


(The four  brothers  are products of imagination.The poem refers to none dead or alive)

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Integrity Tested

Down ,down goes the  lies.

Wrapped up with many tries,

Concealing each other in  a dice,

Forging  ruthless flies.



Truth stands alone,

In a  flattery zone,

Where it is  thrown

By the windy blown.



Yet it stands up above,

The restless  grove,

Of tantalizing move,

And disquieting  rove



It  hovers  over a platitude,

Of infirm fortitude,

Going through a coveted  ingratitude,

As it accost a rebellious latitude.



It resists the tempting allure,

By holding a stately demur,

As it  shunning the facile glamour,

With a shielding   armour.



Integrity clones with  honesty

By slicing the fiction out of the  priority,

As it accepts  the directions of morality,

By discarding the dubious   activity.



Integrity undergoes  much  hardship,

As it gets battered by the whip,

Still it bears the tedious strip,

With a poised  graceful flip

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Something -Indian Definition

Something  is a common word used by all of us to denote a relative term, an unidentified product, an experience that calls for no attention,a feeling that cannot be described, an incident that is unimportant and finally a feigned connotation for an idea that is beyond comprehension.The Indian definition of this simple is entirely different from the dictionary meaning.  The word itself gets an  absolutely  varied hue and complex design that is beyond comprehension.

Well, coming to the point, “something “is nothing but the extras  that is linked with accomplishments. To put it more clearly, it is a bargain behind the scene, an underhand transaction , an under the table dealing.This “something” enables a free smooth passage to a conclusiion of tasks in the government  offices. It expediates the passing of papers and approval of projects in banks and financial institutions. It snatches an admission in an educational institution of repute, leaving the meritorious in poor shape.It also facilitates procuring a ticket in the trains, which is the most popular mode of transport in India. It provides an easy entry into the temples . Worshipping the Lord is also not spared by this “something”. The more ‘something’ , you give the proximity to God  becomes close.The judiciary , also succumbs to this defiend “something”The more you part with the more you gain . This is the simple hypothesis , the Indians, the Indian Government, the Indian bureaucracy, the Indian education system , the Indian financial set up, and the religious  departments adopt.

It looks funny. It seems to be amusing . It is intangible. It is a practice that is followed all throughout the country in great unanimity. The ancient country , known for its rich culture, enviable heritage, and a land of hundreds of languages, varied religions, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains, and Buddhists, with a  thoroughbred caste system , and with extreme dissimilarity in customs and culture, is virtually unified in accepting “something “to make things work. It is blatant bribery in pretension. It is a blackmark  to the Indian governance. It is equally a deridingsymptom that should be eschewed by the Indian community. 

The cry may seem to be out of box thought. It may appear insensible and ridiculous . It may designate an unappealing enumeration. But it has to be deployed to enrich the credibility  of the country