History Teaches

The stagger and the falter
that comes out in a squander
well depicted in ponder
that of a brother
tries to usurp his own brother
of wealth in a plunder
of his position in a slander
this is the lesson history tells
right from the days of Kings
to that of the recent strings
when the jealousy brings
a fathomless illness in a swing
not that of the physic in link
that of the mind in a sink
it causes a depression in a brink
as the eyes express a blink
the one who usurps flourishes
the other one feels the stress
it is only a temporary phenomenon
finally truth emerges triumphant
the one who lost withstands the clout.Prince_Awrangzeb_


Fighting Tooth And Nail

There being no amity among the brothers
that being very much tarnished
with that of one brother
the rest numbering to three
got together to oust him out
not aiming to break the ties
but refusing him any portion of he wealth
that they all had got of inheritance
one coercing with the other
while the third one posing as a good one
trying to fish out is going in the mind of the one
so as to hatch a plot and get him out
with great effort the family of the affected brother
kept them all away from throwing tantrums
while they by sheer skill and with judicial expense
managed to get the larger portion of the wealth
while the minor part has to be let out in the milieu
having had to fight for the major part of his life .tumblr_mwjngznPQD1rqr335o1_500


Born Out Of The Same Womb

Know a brother

who with all his defects

not very simple

but very complicated

has only some inherited money

not other qualities

worth mentioning

does a lot of back biting

and spreading rumours

with intentions bad

against his brother

who keeps away from him

not crosses him at any cost

aware of his brother’s shortcomings

The older one  keeps on

doing these from childhood

while the younger  sibling

puts up with him

for the very reason

he being  the brother.

What a remarkable difference !womb

we find in the siblings

born out of the same womb.

Forgery thoughts turmoil

Brands Of Four-

Birth of you keeps me wondering,

Family of you  makes me thinking,

Friends of you get me embittering,

Actions of you are detesting,

Oh ! tell me why  you are so infringing?



Your deeds force me to undertake a study,

Up I go with my frantic search ready,

 I got a background of your  family already,

No wonder you are so undisciplined and greedy,

Committing faults  mightily gaudy.



The eldest of you is a  school drop out,

Talks incoherently in a shrill base throat,

Clad in shabby, unkempt  attire throughout,

Thinks he is a perfectionist in a float,

Vitally he is  a treacherous cut throat.



The next in order is  the only educated ,

Speaks in measured terms not affected,

Dresses up in impressive clothing well-managed,

Behaves  with charm and grace absolutely dignified,

 Truly  he is  an elegance  finely styled.


The third of the family is an empty head,

Prattles in  broken disorganised  thread,

Wears  the most unsuited  dress code ahead,

Poses himself to be  well read,

Really  he is a snobbish dread.



A family so different I rarely find,

 Not looks but thoughts  also differ I extend,

Integrity  also has a graphical bend,

The siblings move on   to the end,

With their own  specific blend.


(The four  brothers  are products of imagination.The poem refers to none dead or alive)