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The Way He Flew—-Abdul Kalam

The island breathes proud of her son

the waves speak of his glory

the ocean heaves up and down not for fun

it mumbles with tales of hoary

the small boy with very little means

rose up beyond words

learning was his only asset by all means

wisdom took him above the world

showed no inhibitions whatsoever

Abdul kalamhumility was his wealth

children were the apple of his eyes ever

simplicity  was his strength

work was his  way of life and spirit

one day he went up the hills in the North East

addressed a gathering of students with intensity

the initial words came at their best

Lo! silence overtook him with great density

Abdul Kalam flew away with his “Wings of Fire” in earnest

he, much against his nature, has finally succumbed to rest.

Through And True.

Long time ago  I was always quiet

silent all through

the events   that were enough to bite

literally I mean them true

never did trigger nor agitate

kept me complacent through

I  was  perhaps a senseless person in straight

you might conclude  in true

I lived all through my younger days like a puppet

nodding my head all through

a time came I tore myself with the toughest

jumped into the cesspool true

I fumed and frothed, heaved and sighed

struck with force all through

I look different all with anger in the wilderness

a turned self very true.true

An Obsession.

Had been so much obsessed

very much into it

always in the thought depressed

could not get away from it

yet had to sustain in a way

passed the days somehow

realized it is not the end  anyway

picked up courage anyhow

drove the clouds from the mind

turned lively once again

the news all is well without any bind

came with a propitious gain

Well. that is a great relief, heaven forbid

that obsessions eased my tensions in  a relaxed bid.

Evoking A provoke.

Having said that  in a wicked tone

she bit her lips

a repentance  could be that one

for what had slipped

the remorse if be genuine

would turn her new

knowing her ingenuity

she would for days few

act and pretend to evoke

the sympathy profusely

would again resort to a provoke

leading to an unpleasantness  effusively

that has been her way all though

a pretension in the strand untrue.29552076-biting-her-red-lips-teeth

The Positive And Negative.

A day with plenty of sunshine

 could be a boon and a bane

a pleasure to have a pleasant shine

a scorching shine could become a strain

there are likewise two effects to all

 one adorable and another detestable

 the admiration keeps you lovely in all

 the dislike repels you in all possibility

 that be the lesson you learn in short

 the positives and negatives fuse

 at times you go up in the loft

 at others you get diffused

 never give up your hope all the same

 as that would pressure  you up  to become tame.positive or negative

The Alarm

It is  a signal

could be a warning

an alarm bell

a way of cautioning

comes  unexpected

with a sudden bash

travels rather refracted

exciting a dash

the way it strikes

could be a threat

the play it likes

would be a beat.alarm bell