inappropriate Poetry preach

The Intentions.

it was a siege

concerned  not with the country

it was  a reach

restricted the play of plenty

committed  with a breach

by the nearest kin

connected with a preach

being the most inappropriate  din

remains in the mind 6a00d8341cb34753ef014e607f5dd8970c-800wi

never able to forget in the least

obsessive in a kind

not possible to overcome the beast

well, that be the intentions of her

a desire to amass the entire.

calm Poetry warmth

Back To The Base

Back to  the base

 after a two month chase 

seems to be in pace.

Back again

could be also for the gain

a process to regain.

Back home

in a way from the second home

settling in for a calm.

Back in the patio

reading and gazing in a ratio

a most familiar scenario.

It is  back

with activities in the stack

all compressed in a pack.

It is back and fro

keeps the great flow

making life to glow.

Back home