affection Poetry

The Love And Affection

The love and affection

knows no proportion

it goes in a notion

throughout with no friction

once it faces an interruption

it stumbles with a dissolution

it falls and fails without resolution

there endPoem, love the love and affection.Love-and-affection

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The Positive And Negative.

A day with plenty of sunshine

 could be a boon and a bane

a pleasure to have a pleasant shine

a scorching shine could become a strain

there are likewise two effects to all

 one adorable and another detestable

 the admiration keeps you lovely in all

 the dislike repels you in all possibility

 that be the lesson you learn in short

 the positives and negatives fuse

 at times you go up in the loft

 at others you get diffused

 never give up your hope all the same

 as that would pressure  you up  to become tame.positive or negative