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The Flower Called Ramar Pichi

The flowers white with red stripes light

bloom with fragrance every night

could I say for most  in the evening

spread an aroma  around almost stunning

the smell enters the nostrils

keeps us in a trance with its fill

the flower is not huge  in shape

very thin and fragile, soft and  slim

a joy  to twine them together

make a garland to God or rather

tie them into a bouquet  small

put them on the head carefully as not to fall

the way every Indian woman wears

that be the Ramar PichRama pichii in choice.

nourisher Poetry radiant

The Song Of The Sunshine – By A Rusty Rustic

The sunshine is bright they say

it is bright  as always.

The sunshine is radiant they say

it is radiant as always.

The sunshine accelerates growth they say

it accelerates as always.

The sunshine is eternal they say

it is an eternity as always.

The sunshine nourishes they say

it is a nourisher as always.

The sunshine kills als they say

it kills when it is in excess.

The song of the sunshine is  mellifluous

it is melodious as the sun.

To sing a song of sunshine

I need to shine myself.

If not I would look rusty and rustica year of glory

besides the powerful sunlight.

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The Panchabhutas

The five elements  in Hinduism

the Panchaputhas  on the note

could be contrived as secularism

as it is found in Buddhism  to quote

the earth being the primary constituent

comes then the water in order

followed by fire and wind the continuant

finally could see the sky on the border.

The five elements form the cosmic quest

as the earth has two forms

one is the permanent and the best

those of the atoms  in their form

the other being the perishable in test

being the karya or work,  the animate and the inanimate

the   mountains and their forms.

The second being water  has two characters

the karya  being transient in nature

the  atom remains in character

the water from  the oceans  evaporates a beautiful feature

stay as a cloud in the sky in stature

fall down as rain  a cyclic process.

That we breathe in and out is air

the terrific storm is a representation

so does the gentle breeze  has air

the karya and the atom relate in a conjunction

the air in the stratosphere and other spheres

remains constant and occupies eternally

an eloquence found in the universe.

The fire as we nurture a fear

has tow of these  features  in dominance

its purpose is to generate heat to  those in far and near

that of hunger evolved  is a reference

be it to the digestive power

the other being the commonality

the fire we use to burn.

Ether is unique in a way

possesses the atom as the only character

it being eternal and being that of sound in all ways

be it natural or man made in reaction

the  ether or Akash attracted the sages

as they could hear the divine sounds in a range

the mantra “OM” reverberates with a vibration.

The panchabutasPancha buta do reign over the universe

a phenomenon that unites the diverse

the transient and permanent do not collide

as they are one, not another

from the one comes the other

the karya and the atom govern the universe.