instruction map miss Poetry

My Day Out.

it is a long gap

well, in a swap

travelled with a map

noted the directions

drove across

missed every instruction

I lost the way and crossed

not one or two traffic signals

past many without a pause

took the way diagonal

went through the same road

not once or twice

got stiffly bored

this is seen in all my tries

decided to give up

wish to stay at home

as usual with a tea cup

am not fit  to qvw51xirhtsljei4yuo5roam.

destination. Poetry sensible

A Meaningful Journey— An Allegory.

A meaningful journey

travelled sensibly

of course with faults many

could end up  invariably

in a destination

favorite-quotes-sayings-meaningful-about-life-journey where peace reigns

where could be no distraction

nothing to be seen as feign

all in their originality  and pure

with no adornments  to enhance

could be a positive lure

for men to  cover the distance

following no shortcuts

a straight road ahead is a reference

a caution as not to undergo any gluts

which would conclude in a mishap.