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Hari Raya To All Malaysians

The fasting is on with the Puasa month

considered as one of the five pillars of Islam

Ramadan, the holy festival has set in as ever

Malaysia is agog with The celebration with dedication

sing they the praise of the Lord  with piety

abstain from falsification of speech

talk nothing spiteful or ill of others

enter into no illegal activities

eat not in the daylight

keep theme pure and away from sin

a ritual practised with care and devotion

Ramadan is a festival of truth

exonerates the Muslims from faults

as they involve in charitable deeds

a  religious discipline that teaches

how to be good and kind

caring and loving in a find.

wish you all Malaysians

Hari Raya  Aidilfitri Hari Raya


Either Way it Could Be

It was sunny in the morning

turned breezy in the midmorning

became dark in the afternoon

rains came in the late afternoon

The sunmelancholy into happiness slightly looked up in the evening

know not why it went down quickly

darkness sets in early

cool is the early night

colder still in the late hours

a synergy of natural forces

all going well in the course

that which is seen now

disappears fast in the flow

could be that of life

happiness  is seen in almost

switches itself to grief in the inmost

the laughter of the heart in its content

diffuses into a cry in an abundant

either way it could end in a trial

exhilaration transcends into melancholy

the one into another in a sail

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Strangeness As I Am

It is a pack up again

with the  few bags

partially empty

I take the cheapest flight

with the  offer of most less luggage

I fear to carry loads

be it in life or travel

I prefer the minimum

my wants are very few

the  bags with my attire

mine being orthodox and traditional

long sleeved plain  blouses

and  six-yard sarees

starched and ironed

basically, go with the cotton

little I wear anything silk

I travel through the world

with my sarees and bindi

my hair rolled up high virapj000002780-2_1

mostly viewed by curious eyes

some with a strange belief

others with a relied assurance

well, I trot and walk

drag and pull around the world

more and more  in flights

as I advance in my age

another strangeness in the go.