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Strangeness As I Am

It is a pack up again

with the  few bags

partially empty

I take the cheapest flight

with the  offer of most less luggage

I fear to carry loads

be it in life or travel

I prefer the minimum

my wants are very few

the  bags with my attire

mine being orthodox and traditional

long sleeved plain  blouses

and  six-yard sarees

starched and ironed

basically, go with the cotton

little I wear anything silk

I travel through the world

with my sarees and bindi

my hair rolled up high virapj000002780-2_1

mostly viewed by curious eyes

some with a strange belief

others with a relied assurance

well, I trot and walk

drag and pull around the world

more and more  in flights

as I advance in my age

another strangeness in the go.

The Cockpit Of A Plane

In the cockpit of a plane
there was a fight in plain
the flight was on its way
the fight was going all day
the captain’s instruction went unheard
the co-pilot took the control instead
beat and slapped the captain for no reason
the passengers on board travelled in ignorance
their lives in crew’s hands through the distance
the captain prudently deviated path
landed deftly at the nearest spot
cockpitthe situation is unimaginable
the event sounds incredible.

Worthy To Remember.

A crash there be
all in a sudden it be
the flight from Netherlands
crossed the alien land
would that be Ukraine
where turbulence reigns
the passengers all on board
been on flight  not bored
the hope of many a one
a wish of mostly none
the want to see places
the thought of those in gazes
never dreamt of the missile fire
sealed them into the pyre
young and old altogether
of any nationality  together
fell  from the skies  as embers
could this be  a day worthy to rememberMH17

The Monkeys on The Tree.

It is a shield
a shelter on the field
a tree standing high
where the monkeys fly
by the means of hop and a swing
they do that without wings
a chatter and a clatter heard
as they break the boughs with a dread
the leaves fall in a scatter
the flowers come down little later
the berries drop one by one
the monkeys come down with fun
collect the berries with cheer
cross the road without fear
munch the flesh and throw the nuts
with a force as they fall into the guts
away they climb up the tree once again
that be for a profit and a gain.five little monkeys.

A Wish to Fly No More.

The flight to a country
known or unknown
speedy it might be
is an affair tiring.

The flight in economy class
seats all together
with no leg space
all cramped it is.

Nothing to sip or drink
no water to quench the thirst
all is for money
nothing offered free.

The reservation of seat
costs you money
the extra baggage allowance
demands more money.

The walk round the aisle
to the airport is too long
with ups and downs too many
the immigration very strict.

The customs do the check
the security check goes on
in not one place
every other thing is opened.

Belts are removed
shoes are turned upside down
hand baggage is scanned
the man is also checked twice.

All thse go in the routine
the man sits tight in his seat
squeezed in between the two mighty
a terrible travel all the more.

The security checks go wayward
at times there is a slip
that proves to be expensive
with life in threat.

The planes zoom around
north to south in force
east to west in trend flight
without any interruptions

The travel is attractive
once inside it is debilitating
a longing to land is pressing
a wish to fly no more .

A Tale of Fraud.

Hailed great once  

Being the wealthiest once

Finding listed in Billionaires  once .

Seems to be nowhere now.


Made money by hook

Won success by crook.

Reached the top by hooking.

Seems to be nowhere now.


Enacting rags to riches story.

selling snacks with all worry.

Turned away by banks is a story.

Managed to rise up


Getting money from the poor

say five, ten, dollars for sure

Got deposits all over.

Manipulated them to rise above.


Went round  the streets in a bike

owned a fleet of air planes  to strike .

transformed into a character whom all liked

Rose to great heights all at once.


Lived in a two room hut  in the earlier years

Bought a  sprawling bungalow  in 270 acres  in the years

radiated with high spirit great cheer

Rose to great  heights all at once.


Law , was turned and twisted  with great diligence

Politicians   and officials recognised his relevance

He has got paid for his indulgence .

Would be behind the bars very soon. Feiffer-fraud-panel1