A Wish to Fly No More.

A cramped flight .

The flight to a country
known or unknown
speedy it might be
is an affair tiring.

The flight in economy class
seats all together
with no leg space
all cramped it is.

Nothing to sip or drink
no water to quench the thirst
all is for money
nothing offered free.

The reservation of seat
costs you money
the extra baggage allowance
demands more money.

The walk round the aisle
to the airport is too long
with ups and downs too many
the immigration very strict.

The customs do the check
the security check goes on
in not one place
every other thing is opened.

Belts are removed
shoes are turned upside down
hand baggage is scanned
the man is also checked twice.

All thse go in the routine
the man sits tight in his seat
squeezed in between the two mighty
a terrible travel all the more.

The security checks go wayward
at times there is a slip
that proves to be expensive
with life in threat.

The planes zoom around
north to south in force
east to west in trend flight
without any interruptions

The travel is attractive
once inside it is debilitating
a longing to land is pressing
a wish to fly no more .

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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