The Days in Trend.

A day for all things
be it for lovers
for mothers ,for teachers
for fathers, for all souls
for all saints ,for all I know not
has been the latest trend
that flows throw the bend
a card is invariably cardsent
with that the day is forgotten
a token of remembrance is what you say
to me it is an expense at bay
frolicking and thanksgiving should come
not from the lips but from the heart
a true way to remember in silence.


Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day
a day which I never knew.
In our days all days
revolved round the mother
no special day for her
we were part of her
she taught us all
expected nothing from us in return
we did also never gave anything to her
the days were marked by love
affection was the main feature
while discipline and control got in stealthily
there was perfect equilibrium all through
that being so in a way
there was no time to celebrate Mother’s Day
Mothers were always there
if Mother's day.only we forget them
we should try to remember them
we never forgot their presence
so we never wished her on a particular day,


A Rarity Among The Disarray

A little away from the garden
a hill so small is there
trees in full bloom
greenery all around.

The garden is so lovely
picturesque with lush green lawn
flower beds on either side
colourfully designed

In the middle there is a pool
filled with water crystal clear
an ambience of beauty all over
neatly crafted around an aesthetic setting.

The house adds to the charm
corridors run all around
the doors open out to a courtyard
and the windows thrown open to the garden.

The people are wonderful
benign and graceful to the word
hohousesspitality is their by word
they are beautiful beings in the world.

Not such scenario is seen elsewhere
this is an evangelical display
all in accordance to the tune
a rarity amongst the disarray.