The Distinctions.

Regional the likes be
Continental the dishes be .
national the interests be
International the attractions be.
The culture is centric
there be a difference eccentric
with the attire an idealistic
the diction being distinctive.

There is a demarcation direction wise.
The eastern becomes traditional wise
with the western transforms to modernise
there be not any conceptualization otherwise.

The economy stands on a variation
The currency is in a fluctuation
The high and low causes the friction.
The exchange creates a distinction.

There is a valid demonstration
that of a lovable interaction
gives way to a comprehension
there ends up a delineation.

Goes the world so in a rotation
with the day and night in transmission
the days gather a nomination.
the nights conclude the denomination.


The Qualities as They Are

The stealth is in cats
The faith be it in dogs
The treachery found in fox.
the softness reflected in cows
The fierce be the lions.
The strike now does the snake.
The dull headed donkey brays.
The nimble-footed horse trots.
the little ant is full of energy
the little it can hold
Be it filled with enthusiasm
so goes on the world of animals
and that of the insects too
there be a quality for each breed
what could you attribute to the human race?
Think for a time and let me


Never be it so.


Never there is peace
Ever there is tease.
Never there is a cease.
Ever there is a seize.

Not anymore silence around.
More of noise all around
Not anymore satisfaction around
More of greed all around,

Neither there is harmony in the day
Nor there is symphony in the play
Neither there is amity in the way
Nor there is diligence in the fray.

That be the mode of living
greatly defined by a killing
A disaster across the being
a destroy of the surrounding.