Mother and daughter
a bondage that would last
got snapped in between

The son did
for his own personal interest
the mother believed.

The daughter lost
more so the maternal love
suffered a lot.

The son gained
usurped the daughter’s share too
all tactfully done.

The mother died
the relationship never got better
the daughter downestranged daughter.cast.

The son revels
having got a bigger share
happiest he be.

The nemesis would
strut in catch him unaware
disaster befell him.



Clipping the tail
more precisely the feathers
go with a restriction
that impose a fail.

Clipping the hair
more so for fashion
make one look at random
a different entity altogether.

Clipping the eyebrows
to looks like an arch
is done for highlighting
that turns out to be fun.

Clipping at the bud
promotes a growth fast they say
in reality it is an attempt
that twists the natural.

All said and done
clipping is not natural
but an enforcement artificial
that hurts the truthclipping.


Majority Is Powerful

The majority rules
be it in countries majority
or in families
it is the number
that makes up the rule.

The minority as you find
has no say on any thing
they may be rightful
and lawful too
have to sit at the back.

This has been the way
with elections in politics
with strength in families
both in the micro and macro
it is the same throughout.

When would the minority come up?
I really do not know
be it when they are destined
when the unlawful get destroyed
there would be a renaissance .

That reformation is far too remote
as the world goes by power
never it takes the case of the straight
it might be one in a million
who find a resurrection all the more.