Forgive and Forget

Forget the bad
remember the good
the advice for all
easy to say
difficult to follow.

The evil remains in the heart
the hurt squeezes it
the stress beats it
the body succumbs
to the pressure .

The so say attitude
forget and forgive
found rarely
is a good stock
with a best result.

To play so on the bet
with th go getter tone
brings pleasure
all is well said
but hard to be done.

The physical wound
takes time to heal
so the mental agony
is not easy to be flushed
it lurks and lingers.

Any one can say anything
the man who has faced
the music discordant
has to level his thoughts
a version very dear.forgive and forget


A Song on Rose.

It is a rose
a flower that rose
from the green stalk
being thorny in the neck
a small plant though
not with many boughs
steady in growth all through
gives out blossoms the year through
a beautiful little flower
the King of all flowers
in shades of pastel colours
there be also dark colours
red, blue and black
in bunches, clusters of stock,
a great delight to all
a greatest experience on the whole.


Game of Life.

It is a game
a life game
a sport not for fun
has meanings in ton
a give away in the course
keeps up the tempo in force
a take along in terms
renders a renewal in form
that be the game of life
where passion is the strife
there be no winners in all
also oo losers in fall
it is a win-game of life win situation
if the partners act without friction
this is to be found
not in younger days bound
has to continue till the end
without encountering any bend
that be the path to success
a gaiety in the process.