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The Tea I Prepare

The duties I forget

the compulsive ones  most

that being the milk on the stove

it is the day to day routine

I sit reading through with concentration

or gazing through the window more concentrated

while the music  in the background plays rhapsodically

the milk boils and boils many a time

I sit unmoved in my place  lost in myself

the burnt smell emanates slowly

that is the alert generally  cautions me

I rush to see my milk  on the stove

there is no milk,  not even a drop

the  milk pan almost charred  lies burnt

this is not on one or two occasions

but being throughout my life  with few exceptions

I look up the attic straining my neck

see  milk pans in a row  shapeless and black

the milk bill escalates  two folds and three folds

I stand answerable to my husband

who frowns at me  but lets me off  with that alone

as he is so fond of the tea milk pours over.I prepare all these days.


That Is Me

forgetfulnessForgetfulness has become my way.

I do everything with ease   and control

 compile the specifications in detail

 arrange them in order with precision

 ready be they for presentation

at the moment of delivery 

 likely I forget the core  all the more 

 walk on to the dais with dignity

 rummage through to find the documents

 not to find them tin the file

 go with an extempore address

all from the memory that resumes work

 finally end up with an applause

 what did I do ? i not remember 

 once again forgetfulness sets in.





Forgive and Forget

Forget the bad
remember the good
the advice for all
easy to say
difficult to follow.

The evil remains in the heart
the hurt squeezes it
the stress beats it
the body succumbs
to the pressure .

The so say attitude
forget and forgive
found rarely
is a good stock
with a best result.

To play so on the bet
with th go getter tone
brings pleasure
all is well said
but hard to be done.

The physical wound
takes time to heal
so the mental agony
is not easy to be flushed
it lurks and lingers.

Any one can say anything
the man who has faced
the music discordant
has to level his thoughts
a version very dear.forgive and forget


Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day
a day which I never knew.
In our days all days
revolved round the mother
no special day for her
we were part of her
she taught us all
expected nothing from us in return
we did also never gave anything to her
the days were marked by love
affection was the main feature
while discipline and control got in stealthily
there was perfect equilibrium all through
that being so in a way
there was no time to celebrate Mother’s Day
Mothers were always there
if Mother's day.only we forget them
we should try to remember them
we never forgot their presence
so we never wished her on a particular day,

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It Is A Forget.

It is difficult to forget,

Yet we have to.

It is difficult to forget,

If we have strong memory.

It is difficult to forget,

If the incidents hurt us.

memories linger,

the mind recollects,

anger rises up,

 the heart thumps,

 the nose twitters,

 the eyes flutter,

 the mouth quivers,

 the face reddens,

the body gets flared up,

Alas! it is difficult to forget,

But we have to.