Monthly Archives: June 2016

The idlis

The fluffy idlis
made  out of a batter
 of rice and urad dhal
is served for breakfast
 in every South Indian household.
The idlis
 steam  boiled in a vessel
 specially designed
with a plate having a capacity
 of five to seven  or more
 as the case may be.
Idlis have taken various forms
 mini, maxi, and medium
 the sizes vary, so does the variety
on with a slice of a carrot  on it.
 the other with a mix of Rawa
 all being an improvisation
nothing to beat the original.


Beauty And Value.

Dahlias entices you
Aloe vera keeps you away.

The lovely flower is beautiful.
The rugged succulent is useful.

Beauty lasts not long.
Value remains forever.

Be that not an ordinary distinction.
be it  a valid difference.

The River Nile

It is been a while
I have written with style.
I read about the Nile
in my file.

It is a beautiful river
Flows with not a quiver
sometimes it rises up in a whiz
most times it is a bliss.
Long ago rivers and their estuaries
were seats of civilisation
became the hub of transactions
and places of education.

The Nie valley grew
around its waters blue
coaxed the nomads to settle
who started the cycle of planting
and harvest.

What Did I commit?

I am not in the scene.
I am away from the event
both in mind and body.

I receive calls day in and day out.
The callers talk of the disastrous event.
I tell them that I was never involved.

I am disturbed by such calls.
My jaws pain and my ears ache.
What  did I commit?.