More and Less.

More is less.
Less is more.

Is less actually more?

I contemplate.

Is more really less?

I deliberate.

Less and more
and less.
show a nothingness.

A minus and a plus
and a minus
denote a diminish.

One is born
he is more or less.

One lives
he is more and more

One dies
he is no more.

The minimalist
against the profligate.


Ramayana–Idealistic Ihikasa.

Rama, the legendary son
of Dasaratha
left for the forests
and lived as an aesthetic
for fourteen years
never wished to return
whatever be the hardships

Obedience being emphasised
in this move.

The news of his father’s death
did not deter his resolution
the promise he gave
held him from going back
word of honour
a virtue he subtly places
before the world.

Born as a prince
he lived in the wild forest
eating meagre food,
fruits and vegetables
for fourteen years
exemplifies his attitude
one of renunciation:
a quality of strength.

Ramayana extols idealism
with a profundity.



Pachaimani, pavalamani, pasimani
Beads, precious beads,
she cries in a sonorous cheerful voice.
Her family of four all wear
beads hanging from their necks.

I invite them in, splendid in their vibrant coloured
clothing, rustic in a way yet noble.
They sit on the thinnai and set up shop,
spread a coir mat and display a dazzling
array of beads. I examine carefully.

The man cries,
aiyoo, amma “
Why are you so fussy?
they are ordinary beads, not diamonds
you would look pretty with pavalams
they would go well with your complexion.

Bowled over by his charm,
my interest aroused
I decide to buy
His son danced around merrily.
His woman adored him, shown by her coy stare.
[Normally these people practice casual relationships.]
I am struck by their love and contentedness
I bought pavalams paying over the odds.

The gypsies, in general, are not disciplined,
wayward bohemians.
the women in check multicoloured skirts and high cholis
they tell fortunes, often with a kol(cane) in their hands
while the men tie a loin of cloth around their waist
and a thalaipagu (a headgear) around their head
catch snakes, rats, and frogs burn them
a sumptuous dinner for the family.

They care not for our institution, our culture
they shun learning gain knowledge by hearsay
excel in mental arithmetic
veritable computer-like in their swiftness to compute.
Eat raw be it fruits, vegetables
One man and one wife are not in their code
meet and mate whomever they like, be they bold
wanderers of lands called as Narikuravas.
they bid goodbye in a chorus of giggling
the man, for sure, is a born salesman
caught me at the right moment
and made good of my weakness earning a profit.