A Dog’s Day With A difference.

The sight of dogs
causes a panic
I turn nervous
butterflies start flying
in my stomach.

I walked down the lane
a newborn pup
with half closed eyes
came behind me.

I hastened. He followed me.
At one place I slowed down.
He was trapped between my legs.
I jumped in fright. I trampled on him.
He whined.

I took to my heels.
A cyclist knocked me down.
The cars on either side honked
In the milieu, I bruised my leg
There was chaos.

Rubbing my knees, I walked ahead.
My friend’s house was nearby,
thought I could rest for a time.
So made my way to hers.
As I opened the door
a Labrador bounced on me.
I ran. I was palpitating.
The dog chased me
My friend,Tara, came out, called
“Tabby, come back”.
Tabby trotted panting.

Tara asked me to come in
I was in no mood to go back.
I walked homewards.

The Dog’s days are furious,
since they emit unbearable heat
I had an experience
A Dog’s day
with a difference.