At And Most

At times I feel
 I am the only one 
in the world
and go about 
as if I am supreme.

At times I behave 
 as if I am at the top
 of the world
and get along 
with head held high.

At times  I think
I know everything
under the sun
 and compare myself
to Solomon The Great.

Most times I am 
 as  naive as one 
can be, a simpleton 
 to the core.

It is true that most of us
 like me  know nothing 
as wisdom is one thing
very much inaccessible.


The Tender New Born

Three little sparrows 
 fly away from the bush
as I go near,

Tweeting incessantly they
 seem to drive me from 
the place.

I stay a little while
 they grow fidgety 
 harp as loud as they can.

I like to play the game 
remaining  in their vicinity 
to test their patience.

They fly high and low 
flutter and falter
in circumambulation.

I stop my game and 
retreat finding  them
 sailing towards the bush.

They bury their heads  
into the bush. What for?
I watch them from afar.

Hearing  the whimper of the 
little ones, just hatched,
 tender and nascent  

What a sight ! so to say.
The mother and the babes
 nestling and nudging.


Meera Gives Up

Which way Meera turns
she encounters hassles.
Having been stoic
so long, feel she cannot
be so anymore.

“I give up” she cries
a whimper bursts
from the depth
of the heart.

It is turning unbearable
she who preaches
patience and tolerance,
is now at wit’s end.

There has to be an end.
That has to come soon.
Meera waits for that day
with glistening eyes.


There Again

 I see people,  Those looking 
happy and gossiping
Wearing outfits 
 bright and shining.

Diamonds sparkle 
around their neck,
they dazzle from the nose,
 emit a shine from the wrist.

Lights go up with a glory
Bustle overwhelms in joy.
Delicious is the lunch.
A great gathering.

 where chatter and banter
 exceed. A sight so impressive
 being one seen after a pause.
It is encouraging  to perceive

such celebrations,  Cheer 
should sustain,  fear 
should decimate,
 an expectation  reasonable.

As destined that which are born
 ought to die, so do the 
 misery and mishap, They 
will die a death, an eventuality 
hard to erase from memory, 


Being Poor

Between the two
I do not know
what to choose.

Looking at both
I am fascinated
like to have them.

Checking my purse
I cannot afford
to buy both.

[i]Which one? Which one?

I go on asking, unable
to decide.

I try lots to resolve,
a compromise, makes
me confused.

No, I tell myself
do not let one go
both are beautiful.

This way, i cross myself
dilemma strikes me.
hurts, turns me helpless.

[i]”if at all I have the money”

I think aloud, but lo! I cry
[i][ I do not have,/i]

I resolve not buy them.
being poor is not
my fault, anyway.


Semi Conscious

Going through the day
with its sighs and murmurs
groans and grunts, I slip
into a semi conscious state.

I look as if I am drunk,
my drowsy eyes give out
the wobbling walk reveals
a mistaken stature.

God promise, we as children
used to scream in our days
like wise I swear I am not drunk
I have not seen a liquor bottle.

Yelling I sink. None to hold me
I tumble on the bed. The pillows
receive me with a hug. Holding them
I lose myself , am fast asleep.

A lovely embrace nurses me
back to normal. Where could it be from?
I wonder, it is from within, I know
the will to conquer resurrects me.



The seven colours
 make the rainbow.
 Vibgyor, an abbreviation 
 for violet, indigo, blue,
green, yellow and orange.

The sky in its peripheral  
at times turns coy  like a bride 
whose face turns pink, pale red 
 mean the twilight  
that trickles at dusk.

It  turns fiery 
 like an angry lion
whose eyes emit 
an orangish hue almost
 felt in an hot afternoon.

Yellow being that of gold 
 brings  prosperity 
and wealth, that of t
he  Sun, a bounteous giver,
enrichens  the azure sky.

Where do I see green?
It is in nature , the pastures,
trees, the  mountains
charge the environment 
with an exuberance.

Ocean is blue,
so is the sky, blue 
juxtaposes the extremes
performing a balancing 
ballet, an entertainment.

There walks the lethargic 
indigo, unmindful of those
 that surround. A sleepy
disposition do what you may,
 I live as I wish!

Finally, the sedentary
violet appears, going 
in the reverse, inducing 
an unconsciousness 
where  rest is pivotal.



The sixth formers at St .Josephs
 not the recent ones, as one imagines 
 those  who studied decades ago,
 try to reconnect, Effortlessly 
many join.

 Being an attempt praiseworthy 
  it takes off with a start
 then as days go 
the prospects turn dim
less, lesser and least.

It is not due to lack of interest
 but one of paucity.  exchange
 of ideas  tracks down. each one 
in some part of the world,
busy in some measure 

The sixteen year  old girls
with sprightly looks, possessing  
the will to conquer the world,
 are well into their sixties, seem
 exhausted, devoid of impetus.

They stay alive in air, mean in 
zoom. The voice is as good as old 
the looks differ, with greying hair
 sagging skin, mostly 
the curiosity that sparkled 
 goes missing,

The sixth formers hold their chats
 in bay, Few  stay active. 
the rest have retreated 
to their world unable to spend
time marked by nil resource of energy.


Number Five

Fifth one born, a girl
brings luck, wealth 
and so to say prosperity.
A belief hard to believe.

Fourth born if she is a girl
 will suffer like a dog
She will struggle. Still 
more harder to accept,

It so happens, I am the fourth
child of my parents, I ask my 
 mother ” Will I suffer? being the fourth
Mom negates my fear

saying, “actually you are fifth.
My first child got aborted 
due to natural causesYou are 
my fifth child.” 

I do not know why she brought 
in the aborted child.  Is it just 
to make me happy or is it 
the real truth.  I do not know. 

Fourth or fifth, I live like 
any ordinary woman, Not 
much to speak of either 


Caught In Between

Those of my staff 
who had gone for good.
who had left on their own
a few who I have sent back
 keep coming in my thoughts
for reasons unknown

Most of them had been 
with me for decades. I, 
 their boss never 
bossed over,  They ,
 my deputies never 
felt so.

Of recent, one of 
them, the cook 
wants to come back
needs me to call and confirm. 
Representing through  those 
in service. he  draws  attention.

Holding back, I recollect
 the experiences I had with 
him, mostly pleasant, 
 a few being horrible.
“Make your mind, plead
 my aching knees”.

I feel I have to give up
 if not my knees will 
 stop working.  I am
 at cross roads, ego  
or inability, which 
is the surmount?