The seven colours
 make the rainbow.
 Vibgyor, an abbreviation 
 for violet, indigo, blue,
green, yellow and orange.

The sky in its peripheral  
at times turns coy  like a bride 
whose face turns pink, pale red 
 mean the twilight  
that trickles at dusk.

It  turns fiery 
 like an angry lion
whose eyes emit 
an orangish hue almost
 felt in an hot afternoon.

Yellow being that of gold 
 brings  prosperity 
and wealth, that of t
he  Sun, a bounteous giver,
enrichens  the azure sky.

Where do I see green?
It is in nature , the pastures,
trees, the  mountains
charge the environment 
with an exuberance.

Ocean is blue,
so is the sky, blue 
juxtaposes the extremes
performing a balancing 
ballet, an entertainment.

There walks the lethargic 
indigo, unmindful of those
 that surround. A sleepy
disposition do what you may,
 I live as I wish!

Finally, the sedentary
violet appears, going 
in the reverse, inducing 
an unconsciousness 
where  rest is pivotal.