I Turn A Management Guru

Doing everything with the phone
banking, supervising,  listening,
 reading, makes the handy sport

Being at home for the past eight months
 my movement being confined 
 to the main gate and its back 

 I go nowhere. I undertake virtual tours
 to places far and near. My staff update 
me  with details along with pictures
 I scrutinize with a precision,

They have become visual commentators.
If this lock down continues, I can take pride 
 of having turned most of my staff to write

Their photographic skill has improved 
to professional level, They have learnt
through experience. I have gained 
in  remote managerial techniques.

Fantastic, it is,  I feel to execute 
from home,  contribute to the environment 
and save  considerably on fuel.
Meritorious! ain’t so?