I open the main door
 find a cute  brown 
and white cat cuddling
 in my chair

 Possessive of the chair
 inanimate as it is, I feel at ease
when I sit on it,  if anybody 
occupies  I lose my equanimity,

 Before i could  chase the 
one  who has usurped my place.
she jumps and perches on the swing  
amused at my panic.

I remove the cushion cover
wash  it, place the cushion 
in the sunlight, having resolved t
o place the chair in every night,

Incorrigible and mean  I am 
of late, unable to brook 
anyone touching my own,  be it  chair, 
 glass,  cup, mobile, pen.

what not and what else.
At times. I am ashamed 
of being frivolous, securing 
the personal  items like a child.