There Again

 I see people,  Those looking 
happy and gossiping
Wearing outfits 
 bright and shining.

Diamonds sparkle 
around their neck,
they dazzle from the nose,
 emit a shine from the wrist.

Lights go up with a glory
Bustle overwhelms in joy.
Delicious is the lunch.
A great gathering.

 where chatter and banter
 exceed. A sight so impressive
 being one seen after a pause.
It is encouraging  to perceive

such celebrations,  Cheer 
should sustain,  fear 
should decimate,
 an expectation  reasonable.

As destined that which are born
 ought to die, so do the 
 misery and mishap, They 
will die a death, an eventuality 
hard to erase from memory,