The scenario here 
is still not viable
 for love marriages.

Parents spurn
such wed locks
relations scorn.

a few friends help 
to unite, the couple 
face  the society’s wrath.

Some elders drive them
out of the town , few others
murder them.

Love is treason 
in most parts of India
where marriages 

go through strict process. 
selecting by status, money, 
caste, religion and education

Wedding out of love
are scarce, if at all 
they happen it is heresy.

The match making works 
 barring few exceptions
which end  in divorce.

One man one wife,
is the Indian thought
sacred  and strong.

Changing spouse
 is akin to changing 
colours,  It is shame. 

“Demeaning’ cries 
the Indian who considers 
divorce sacrilegious.