The Shoe Flowers

 I  find two pairs  of flowers
glimmering. The bright red pair.
look shiny and provoking 
like  a lipstick worn  lass.

The soft rose ones demure and rich 
 carry an elegance,  lady like 
Adoring both the pairs I  watch 
my gardener Krishna, plucking 

flowers of varied colours, 
he gets near the hibiscus 
 stops, hearing me scream,
” No, No, Krishna, leave them”, 

Obedient as always, he  places the 
the basket  of flowers in the Puja
Hibiscus  are saved of life, only
 to wither the next morn,

In their place new ones 
blossom.  Nature  demonstrates 
the phenomenon of creation
and its values,

emphasizing the theory
the old order gives way 
to the new. to live 
is to die.