Kanne Urangu

I hear a lullaby,
from afar. Araaro,
Ararirero, Kanna 

My grand mothers
and aunts sang such ones
in  a melodious tune

not within the musical notes
composed their own verses
unbound   by forms.

Each child in the family,
those days we were 
six to ten, listened 

to  instant compositions.
We became central figures.   
our physical features

 acqueline nose. thin lips, 
dimple chin, curly hair, 
were elaborated,

hailed us as princess 
or prince according to gender,
rocking the child in the lap 

They sang with  much passion
 and love. The child  had
 no other choice, falls asleep.

araaro, arirero— the opening line 
of a lullaby, Tamil folk song.

urangu— sleep.