The sixth formers at St .Josephs
 not the recent ones, as one imagines 
 those  who studied decades ago,
 try to reconnect, Effortlessly 
many join.

 Being an attempt praiseworthy 
  it takes off with a start
 then as days go 
the prospects turn dim
less, lesser and least.

It is not due to lack of interest
 but one of paucity.  exchange
 of ideas  tracks down. each one 
in some part of the world,
busy in some measure 

The sixteen year  old girls
with sprightly looks, possessing  
the will to conquer the world,
 are well into their sixties, seem
 exhausted, devoid of impetus.

They stay alive in air, mean in 
zoom. The voice is as good as old 
the looks differ, with greying hair
 sagging skin, mostly 
the curiosity that sparkled 
 goes missing,

The sixth formers hold their chats
 in bay, Few  stay active. 
the rest have retreated 
to their world unable to spend
time marked by nil resource of energy.